New album 'Pacific Daydream' Out Now!


Tonight (Sat 4/14), our own @sgs711 has the honor of playing bass with @thecars as they are inducted into the @rockhall of Fame! As you may know, weezer has a 25 year history with Ric Ocasek, who we consider a dear friend, our mentor, and one of the nicest people in music. We are so proud of Ric, The Cars, and Scott for filling some big shoes for the dearly departed Ben Orr. #karlscorner


It was hot, hot, last night on @latelateshow with @j_corden. Watch our performance of Mexican Fender on youtube.com/TheLateLateShow


If these knobs and dials could talk... well, actually, they do, and that would be called music. Stay tuned. #weezerneversleeps #karlscorner


Brian has a special message to the weezer massive: “Thank you Weezer fans, for helping Pinkerton to reach platinum status, after so many years as the “under appreciated” weezer album. Amazing! Even more amazing when it's hanging on the wall of the studio that I used to work at, United Recorders (FKA Ocean Way, FKA United Western). While working there back in ‘90 as a young studio rat, my (unplanned) nickname was “Jazz Vacuum”, due to the improvisational patterns that I vacuumed the floors in.” #pinkerton #karlscorner


Brian finally found the perfect inconspicuous pillow to take on planes. Order yours today! #karlscorner


Auckland Rock City with @foofighters Feb 3, 2018. #karlscorner


This summer is going to slay now that @SleighBells will be joining the weez and the @pixiesofficial on the second half of the tour. Show up early and catch them on 7/17-8/12 and @wombatsofficial 6/22-7/15. Get your tickets if you don’t have them yet. See you at the start of the summer! weezer.com/tour


Happy Valentine's Day! Brian is wishing he could be back in Australia cuddling his koala-t soulmate, Leonard. Love to all our fans, on this, the 26th(!) anniversary of the birth of weezer #weezerday


Rehearsal in the jam room backstage with @foofighters in Melbourne, in between weezer and Foo sets. Jan 30, 2018. #karlscorner


Patrick knows that crossing sticks before a show leads to good fortune. It didnt stop the downpour in Auckland though, but the rock was unstoppable anyway. 2/3/18. @foofighters #karlscorner


The cure for the winter blues is a little sunshine ☀️ The acoustic version of Happy Hour can help with that - stream/download on Spotify, Apple Music, iTunes, etc.


The front lines of the Battle of the Rain in Auckland, NZ, Feb 3, 2018. @foofighters #karlscorner


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