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Thinking about weekend brunch plans already? 😍Save this loaded bacon, egg & potato skillet #recipe from @what_we_eat_at_5ft! All you need to make it is: 5 oz potato (3 SmartPoints), 2 sliced turkey bacon (2 SmartPoints), 1/8 cup mozzarella cheese (1 SmartPoint), 1/4 cup cheddar cheese (1 SmartPoint), 2 eggs, onions & chives! YUM! 🤩#wwfreestyle #weightwatchers #yum #foodie


Focus on the good in yourself and in others, celebrate the little things, and remember that you are worthy and deserving of happiness. No matter what happens along your journey, stay positive!
Today has been an incredible experience for me that I will never forget! Thank you so much for spending the day with me! -Eric (@wwmindset) #weightwatchers #wwfreestyle #wwtakeover #motivation


A scoop of ice cream on a hot summer day = one of my favorite ways to indulge!🍦My favorite ice cream flavor is pistachio. I usually have ½ cup for 7 #SmartPoints. Plus, an additional 2 SmartPoints if I want to eat it in a cone. YUM!
What are your favorite ways to indulge in the summer?
-Eric (@wwmindset ) #weightwatchers #wwfreestyle #wwtakeover #foodie #icecream


One of my favorite fast food go-to’s is a chicken burrito bowl from #Chipotle. I fill that bowl with pinto beans, brown rice, lettuce, fajita veggies, chicken, and corn roasted salsa. On #WWFreestyle, this bowl comes out to 9 SmartPoints total. It’s so filling & so delicious - the perfect combo! 🎉
-Eric (@wwmindset ) #weightwatchers #wwfreestyle #wwtakeover #foodie


I’ve had many victories along this journey, but one that I’m most thrilled about is that I can now comfortably ride in a roller coaster again! 🎢 I grew up OBSESSED with roller coasters. If there was coaster within driving distance, I rode it! But, as I started gaining weight, I noticed the comfort wasn’t there, and I started cutting it close with getting the lap bar or shoulder restraint down. My biggest fear was being rejected for my size and having to get off and walk out in front of everyone so I started to avoid roller coasters altogether.
Recently, with some encouraging from my family, I decided to give it a shot again. I got on Silver Bullet at Knott’s Berry Farm and fit! 👏The feeling of riding a roller coaster again was incredible, one that I really missed and I’m never giving up again!
-Eric (@wwmindset ) #weightwatchers #wwfreestyle #wwtakeover #nsv #nonscalevictory #victory


I’m all about using my #slowcooker! One of my favorite #recipes is a delicious beef and broccoli packed with flavor.
Here’s what you’ll need: 1 lb of flank steak thinly sliced into 2 inch strips, 4 cups of broccoli, 1 cup low sodium beef broth, 2/3 cup low sodium soy sauce, 1/3 cup unpacked brown sugar, 2 tbsp cornstarch, 4 tbsp cold water, 2 cloves of garlic (minced), 1 tbsp sesame oil, cooking spray, & red pepper flakes (optional).
Spray the inside of a slow cooker. Add steak, beef broth, soy sauce, brown sugar, sesame oil, garlic, and chili flakes. Cover and cook on high for 2-3 hours or low 4-5 hours (I do 5 hours on low). Minutes before serving, uncover the slow cooker. In a small bowl whisk corn starch and water until dissolved. Add to slow cooker and stir. Cover and allow to cook another 20-25 minutes. Just before serving, place broccoli in a large bowl, fill with ½ inch of water, and place the lid on in an off-set manner so that the container can vent. Microwave on high for 3 minutes. Drain, stir broccoli into slow cooker, and serve! ▶️This recipe is 8 SmartPoints per serving. Recipe makes 4 servings! Add half a cup of brown rice for an extra 3 SmartPoints. -Eric (@wwmindset ) #weightwatchers #wwfreestyle #wwtakeover #foodie


I have 2 “why’s and they both are so near and dear to my heart.
My why on this journey is quite simply: to truly live. I want to ride the roller coaster, walk the pier near my house, have the energy to play with my cousins kids. I owe it to myself, to my father & to the incredible WW community to become healthier and live my life.
When my father (who was my biggest supporter) was diagnosed with brain cancer, I decided to quit my job to be by his side which placed a financial hardship on me and was going to have to cancel my membership. A group of incredible members on #WWConnect, (a WW exclusive social media platform) helped me to cover the cost of my membership for several months. These people who I had never even met in real life before, saw the success I’ve had and were determined to not let me quit. It still brings tears to my eyes to know that these incredible people, who I will always consider my friends, found it within themselves to help me out. I am eternally grateful to them and want to show them it was so worth it.
When my father passed, I vowed to continue to make him proud! I even took a card he gave me to a tattoo shop to have his message placed on my wrist facing me. Every day I look down and I see “I believe in you. Love, Dad” in his handwriting. - -Eric (@wwmindset ) #weightwatchers #wwfreestyle #wwtakeover


Who doesn’t love breakfast foods? I sure do! 🥞🍳My favorite breakfast combo to serve up is 2 peanut butter banana pancakes, scrambled eggs, and chicken sausages all for 9 #SmartPoints total! This protein packed breakfast keeps me full and satisfied until lunch.
Here’s what you’ll need: 1/2 cup protein flapjack & Waffle Mix🔸 1/2 cup of water🔸 2 tbsp of powdered peanut butter mixed with about 1 1/2-2 tbsp of water (it’s better on the runnier side to drizzle) 🔸1 sliced banana🔸
2 eggs🔸 2 links of Chicken Breakfast Sausage
To make them: Mix the pancake mix with the water and divide into 2 pancakes. While they’re cooking, I whisk up my eggs and cook them on medium heat along side the chicken sausages (which are fully cooked and just need to be heated through). Once the pancakes are flipped and cooked, eggs are scrambled, and sausages are grilled, I plate them and top the pancakes with sliced banana and drizzle with peanut butter! If you have the SmartPoints to spare, it’s delicious with some chopped nuts which also provide great texture.
-Eric (@wwmindset ) #weightwatchers #wwfreestyle #wwtakeover


Hi everyone! I‘m Eric (@wwmindset on Instagram and mrhalloween on Connect) and I’m BEYOND excited to get to spend the day with all of you today! Since joining in April 2016, I have lost 152 lbs.* to date and I’m proud to say I’m no longer on blood pressure medication or a type 2 diabetic!
[*People following the Weight Watchers program can expect to lose 1-2 lbs/per week. Eric lost weight on a prior program and WW Freestyle]
A little more about myself: I’m a 34 year old Certified Nursing Assistant from Los Alamitos, CA. Last year I lost my father to brain cancer. He was my biggest supporter in my weight loss journey. I had quit my job to care for him and because of him I‘ve chosen to care for others as my career. When I lost him I vowed to make him proud and to keep going on my journey to a healthier self. I‘m happy to say that I‘ve done just that with the support of my family, friends, my Monday night #WWMeetings leader Ericka, and our group! The support of everyone in this #WWFamily has been essential and I love them all for that.
Let’s get the day started! Follow along today and I’ll give you a look into my WW journey.
-Eric (@wwmindset ) #weightwatchers #wwfreestyle #wwtakeover #transformationtuesday #motivation


From the pool to the beach, live it up your style this summer! 👙🏖️Show off YOUR SUMMERStyle with our photo filter! Tap the link in our bio to make yours today. #weightwatchers #wwfreestyle #repost #summer @texymexy_living @theweighiseeit @talktrackingtome @mandysjourney_ @ww_sandwiches.and.sippies @momma_on_points


Your new Sunday night dinner plans: buffalo chicken stuffed peppers! 😍To make this 2 SmartPoint deliciousness, @jennie_ww_winner microwaves 1 green pepper for 40 seconds & stuffs it with a mixture of: shredded chicken, 1 cheese wedge (1 SmartPoint,) 2 tbsp shredded light cheddar cheese (1 SmartPoint,) diced onion, sliced grape tomatoes & a drizzle of hot sauce- or more if you like it extra spicy! Cook the stuffed peppers for 10 mins at 350 and then put it under a broiler for 5 minutes.🙌🏼 #wwfreestyle #weightwatchers #wwambassador #foodie #recipe


TGIF!🎉 Cool down this weekend with @wwtracktobasics delicious margarita popsicle recipe! 😍All you’ll need is: 12 oz light margarita mix, 3 oz tequila, 1 cup mixed berries & salt!
To make ‘em: Add berries to popsicle molds, combine alcohol with margarita mix & divide evenly amongst the molds. Freeze for 8+ hours. Top with salt before serving. Makes 10 pops at just 1 SmartPoint each! #wwfreestyle #weightwatchers #summer #foodie