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Our dinner tonight! Oh, we cannot wait. Fig everything, fig always! What's on your menu? WBx


We love our avocados! This unique type of fruit is nutritious and has so many health benefits, it is practically a superfood. Consisting mostly of carbohydrates and high in healthy fats, this green fruit fondly called “avo”, is often consumed with Vegemite on toast. In fact, Australians are the fourth largest consumers of avocados in the world and on average Australians consume 3 kilograms of avocado per person each year. Woah! Who can blame us though, how gorgeous is a picnic with guacamole and crackers?! WBx


One of the struggles on the spiritual path is to withdraw from a preoccupation with the physical, but the truth is that images surround us now and it’s easy to get caught up in comparison and self-doubt. Yoga can help with that. We dive deep  into yoga for body confidence, up on wellbeing.com.au now. WBx


Time to look away from your screens! Some experts believe that, just as you need to exercise to keep your body toned, you need eye exercises to keep your eye muscles in shape. Some of their suggested exercises are also prescribed by optometrists for people who are sitting at computers for hours. However, natural eyecare therapists believe the following exercises can also help: Also known as “palming”, this simple, soothing exercise involves placing the bottom of your hand on your cheek and covering your eyes with the palm, to encourage relaxation. Make sure you remember to do this regularly throughout the day when using screens to prevent eyes from drying out. For more, read our 'Want healthy eyes?' article online now. WBx


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This is your friendly reminder to check in with your posture. Stretch your neck left and right, then nod your head yes and nod your head no. Draw your shoulders away from your ears and take three deep breaths. WBx


It's always time for afternoon cake, right? WBx


Beautiful words to wake you up slowly, by the talented @tessguinery. WBx


Our new issue of EatWell is now on sale! As autumn unfolds and the leaves begin to change colour, there’s a noticeable chill in the night’s air and we begin craving quick and easy comfort food. Autumn is harvest time for summer crops, which means an abundance of fresh produce fill our tables and, in this issue, we focus on seasonal fare that’s been lovingly grown, harvested, prepared and enjoyed. Delight family and friends with pastry dishes, discover new ways to reinvent “meat and three veg” and learn the art of fermenting. Join us as we share our favourite pre-prepared meals and tips for cooking with jackfruit.Also, discover the properties of honey and why it’s important to choose ethically grown eggs. Subscribe via link in bio. WBx


"Mudras have long been recognised in Eastern cultures for their ability to assist in the healing process, whether it is physical, mental or emotional." Read more about the power of yoga mudras on our website now. WBx


It's time to get your groove on! Happy weekend, lovely ones! WBx