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Last year on World Water Day, we introduced you to Beatrice: sister, daughter, future nurse.
Since that time, more than 1,000,000 people have explored her world via 360 video and witnessed the way access to clean water transforms communities.
Beatrice used to spend her days collecting water. Now, thanks to the help of @brita.canada, she has a water pump close by and time to go to school. ‘This small change has made all the difference to me.’ Tap the link in our bio to watch the video.


Clean water changes lives. Join us to ensure every person has the right to clean water. Tap the bio link to join our campaign.


Every person has the right to clean water.
Join us as we work to empower people to give clean water for life to someone in need. Follow the bio link for details.


How is this for a #throwback ⏪ Repost from our friend and #WEconomy co-author @holly_branson ➡️ ‘Marc, Craig and I feel incredibly fortunate to have grown up surrounded by some brilliant mentors and role models—one of which visited the UK this week! Oprah Winfrey’s outlook and care for the world, and the people in it, is truly inspiring and something I know I will always aspire to.
Thank you for your support @oprah, we’re so grateful to have you as a mentor and friend.’ 💙


"When I first started, I realized: This is where life begins. Tea has allowed me to educate my children." 🌱Ruth is one of 80,000 tea farmers in Kenya, where WE and @Lipton have teamed up to deliver economic empowerment programming. ☕️ Tap the link in our bio to read more.


We’re the generation that believes clean water is a human right. Stand with us on #WorldWaterDay — and every day — as we work to make sure every single person has access to clean water. Tap the link in the bio to learn more.


What action will you take to create a more sustainable community?
💚Start a community garden
💚Reuse and recycle 💚Carry a reusable water bottle
WE and @unileverusa invite you to take part in #WEtakecharge http://bit.ly/2qs957B


This shot of @hrvy from #WEday UK 🇬🇧 sums up our #fridayfeeling. ‘Wow, Wembley, thank you so much,’ the singer-songwriter said after closing out the show. ‘Thank you WE movement ... we can change the world! 🌍

The SSE Arena, Wembley

"I hope to one day be a [financial literacy and leadership] trainer on a full-time basis because I enjoy seeing people's lives transformed through new knowledge." - Learn how WE and @Lipton are supporting women like Elizabeth with financial empowerment. Tap the link in our bio.


Everything is happening! All at once, @holly_branson is on our stage, a force behind #WEday London 💙✅ ... and, at the same time, celebrating with @craigkielburger and @marckielburger the official launch 🚀 of #WEconomy.
We’ll have much to talk about on #iwd2018 — keep watch on this feed! Right now though, time for thanks and gratitude for our co-author, friend + much appreciated collaborator in the world of doing good. 💙💯

The SSE Arena, Wembley

‘Stand up and speak out,’ @connorfranta urged a #WEday audience in London—and all those following along via livestream and social. Backstage, he pledged to fight for total acceptance—something we can all get behind. ✌🏽✌🏿✌️

The SSE Arena, Wembley

‘Your current situation is not your final destination,’ @haylsmule told WEday of her experience with mental illness. ‘At the end of every dark night is a bright new day.’ On #iwd2018 — and every day — we celebrate strong women. We are grateful for the truths they share: It makes all of us better. 🌞

The SSE Arena, Wembley