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After about 2 weeks eating @primalpetfoods Freeze Dried Nuggets (which he LOVES), I started switching out one meal a day with home made raw. Throughout this entire time he has been eating chicken feet multiple times a day in his @gunnerkennels which he is obsessed with. Ruger on his own goes and has naps in his crates, eats a meal in them, even takes toys into them, but I am still unable to close the door on him. He’s not ready for that quite yet.


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What’s this Friday you speak of?
What does it matter, it sounds fun!


I love reading everyone’s awesome and funny captions.
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Mid-week #stumpday


When you have three tongues out you know it’s mission accomplished #tongueouttuesday -
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The little man is learning pretty quick that life in this family involves a lot of time outside, plenty of stay practice and an obscene amount of photos. -
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An afternoon at the beach calls for a shower. Using @kinandkind flea and tick shampoo on Kona and Cali.
That Ruger is so young, he was just rinsed with water.


Such a happy little guy. -
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Furry Family Photo. -
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It’s clear the happiness she has for the beach. -
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Love seeing him get into tug mode. Look at those little teeth.