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All aboard! 🛥️️ One of the best (and most picturesque!) ways to see @destinationperth's photogenic cityscape is by taking a gentle cruise along the Swan River. You can hop on a ferry to South Perth for a lazy lunch or follow the river to Fremantle. Or you can cruise to @theswanvalley to sample wines from the state's oldest wine region. @littleferryco, pictured here by @intrepiddrone, also offers a daily hop-on-hop-off service from #ElizabethQuay to Claisebrook Cove, where you can grab a bite at one of the boutique cafes and bars. If you're heading to @optusstadium for game day, the adorable solar-powered ferry can also deliver you to the stadium. Talk about arriving in style! #justanotherdayinWA #thisisWA #WesternAustralia #seeaustralia #seeperth


It looks like @australiascoralcoast has turned into Australia's foral coast! 😯🌸🌼 From carpets of everlastings around Carnarvon and Coalseam Conservation Park (pictured here) to native orchids in Kalbarri and Wreath Leschenaultia from Mullewa to Coorow, this part of the state is a blooming wonderland right now! The region is currently experiencing one of the best wildflower seasons in a decade but it's expected that the floral beauties will only be around until October. So, what are you waiting for?! Whether you have a day to explore, a weekend to enjoy or a whole week, there are lots of self-drive itineraries to follow. Photo credit: @shan_echelon #justanotherdayinWA #thisisWA #WesternAustralia #seeaustralia #amazingcoralcoast


Warning! You might get a little shell-shocked when you visit the aptly named Shell Beach on @australiascoralcoast. 😜 Located in the Shark Bay @unescoworldheritage area, this beach is one of only a handful of places on Earth where shells replace sand in such a dramatic and picturesque way. It stretches for more than 100 kilometres with shells between seven and ten metres deep. While you're in the area, there's plenty of other natural wonders to visit like the dolphins at Monkey Mia, the Hamelin Pool Stromatolites and Ningaloo Reef. Shell Beach is located about 45 minutes’ drive from Denham, which you can get to on a short flight or a day's drive from Perth. Photo: @jendesforges #justanotherdayinWA #WesternAustralia #seeaustralia


If there's one place that's guaranteed to make you feel tiny, it's the Bungle Bungle Range in Purnululu National Park. 😮 Not only is it on the National and World Heritage lists, but at 350 million years in the making, it's the most unique and captivating range on Earth. Now that's something worth seeing, right? You can explore the range on foot to discover long narrow chasms and hidden gorges or take in the full spectacle on a scenic flight from Kununurra, Broome, Halls Creek or from within Purnululu itself. This incredible natural wonder is located a two to three hour drive from Kununurra or one hour drive from Halls Creek in @australiasnorthwest. Photo: @trizdar #justanotherdayinWA #thisisWA #WesternAustralia #seeaustralia


Did you know that you'll find some of the tallest timber giants on Earth in @australias_southwest? Welcome to the @valleyofthegiantstreetopwalk - a phenomenal 600 metre long walk that hovers 40 metres above the ground. The popular (and exhilarating!) attraction takes you through a towering forest of 400-year-old tingle trees and is located just outside the charming town of Walpole, approximately five hours from Perth. Our tip? Say hello to Grandma Tingle on the 450 metre long Ancient Empire walk trail along the forest floor below. She's one of the oldest trees in the forest! Photo credit: @hilmansobir #justanotherdayinWA #thisisWA #WesternAustralia #seeaustralia #australiassw


Nothing beats a refreshing shower to cool off in the balmy temperatures of @australiasnorthwest! ☀️💦 This beautiful terraced waterfall is King Cascades, located on the Prince Regent River. The picturesque spot in @thekimberleyaustralia is one of the highlights of a Kimberley coastal cruise with operators like @oceandreamcharters shown here. Want to jump ship and explore more? You can also take a walk to climb above the falls for a dip in the natural swimming pool, surrounded by lush ferns and the sounds of nature. King Cascades can be accessed by joining a cruise from Broome, Wyndham or some of the remote luxury coastal camps that dot the north Kimberley coast. #justanotherdayinWA #WesternAustralia #seeaustralia #australiasnorthwest


"Look fellas, we've got guests! I can't wait to show them my favourite spots." There aren’t too many places in Australia where kangaroos are found on the beach, but Lucky Bay is home to a colony of friendly roos who are often seen snacking on seaweed and soaking up the sun. In fact, when you visit this popular beach, located a 40-minute drive from Esperance in @australiasgoldenoutback, chances are you'll be sharing the moment with more kangaroos than people! Feeling peckish? Don't worry, there's more than seaweed on offer! Stop by the @luckybeancafe right on the beach for a famous 'kangaccino' and a side of freshly baked bush damper. Yum! Photo: @lesmiserables #justanotherdayinWA #WesternAustralia #seeaustralia #australiasgoldenoutback


Be right back! Just heading out for a drive on the moon. 😜 We wouldn't be surprised if you did a double take at this photo snapped by @saschathilmany. The lunar-like Pinnacles found at @australiascoralcoast form one of Australia's most unique and fascinating natural landscapes and are often described as having an other-worldly appearance. The tall limestone spires rise eerily out of the yellow desert sands of Nambung National Park and were formed over millions of years from deposits of sea shells. The bonus is, the Pinnacles are just a two-hour drive from @destinationperth. There's also loads of day tour options, so there's no space travel required! #justanotherdayinWA #WesternAustralia #seeaustralia #amazingcoralcoast


Quandong, emu, salt bush... Sounds like an episode of @masterchefau, right? These are just some of the native bush foods and medicines you can expect to taste with local guide Josh Whiteland of @koomaldreaming in the @margaretriver region. You'll also be treated to a spine-tingling didgeridoo performance amplified by the walls of Ngilgi Cave! 😮You'll find incredible authentic Aboriginal cultural experiences, just like this one, all around the state, from listening to Dreaming stories and learning about the six seasons to trying your hand at traditional hunting techniques. And of course, you'll get to eat some seriously good food. Yum! 🤤 Photo: @max_brearley in @australias_southwest #justanotherdayinWA #WesternAustralia #seeaustralia


Take a seat. The show is just getting started at Cable Beach! 🌅👌 Incredible sunsets like this one are just another day on the iconic beach in Broome in @australiasnorthwest. Every day you'll see locals and visitors heading to this magical setting to take in the view from a deckchair on the sand or on a leisurely camel ride. Visit the pearling capital of Australia in August and you'll also get to experience an action-packed line-up of events, including the Broome Cup, @atasteofbroome and @shinjumatsuri, a 10-day festival celebrating the town's exotic mix of cultures with star-lit dinners, a lantern ceremony and more. Photo: @alex.vp.photography #justanotherdayinWA #thisisWA #WesternAustralia #seeaustralia #australiasnorthwest


"Oh yeah. That's the spot!" Just like @toringlandma, you can have a magical close encounter with some of Australia's cutest native wildlife just 30 minutes from @DestinationPerth in @TheSwanValley. @cavershamwildlifepark is home to one of the largest collections of native animals in @westernaustralia and it's here you can hand feed the kangaroos - and give them a good scratch, of course! When you're feeling peckish, head into the surrounding Whiteman Park for a picnic or barbecue and then round out your day with some wine tasting. After all, you are in the state's oldest wine region! 🍷 #justanotherdayinWA #thisisWA #WesternAustralia #seeaustralia #seeperth


When we think of the words "rich and vibrant", #GantheaumePoint in #Broome definitely comes to mind! The incredible colours have to be seen to be believed, but this area's main claim to fame isn't just the striking red rocks overlooking the turquoise water. It's actually the fact that it's home to a fascinating collection of dinosaur footprints embedded in the reef rock! If you're visiting Broome this month, not only can you see some of Mother Nature's incredible work, but you can expect an exciting whirlwind of colours, sounds and tastes to celebrate the town's cultural diversity at the annual @shinjumatsuri festival. Check out our story for more. Photo: @cmh.photography.au in @australiasnorthwest #justanotherdayinWA #WesternAustralia