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Southern Region (Iceland)

In two weeks a group of us are heading into the Yosemite high country for a week of snow filled fun. If the snow is bad, worst case we do some rocks climbing, two solid adventure options! Stoke levels are currently high!

Mount Conness

Out with summer, in with winter.

South Lake Tahoe

See you again soon Nepal!


After OR this summer we all jet for the desert, traded shoes and business cards for bare toes and bicycles. Winter OR is right around the corner, and with the new Denver location I’m excited to see where we all end up!

Salt Lake City, Utah

A little stroll on the coast leads to waterfalls and clear waters

Big Sur, California

Kindness is a wonderful thing, it acts like ripples in a still pond, and you can be the point of origin. When you perform an act of kindness, it begins to spread from one person to the next, rarely do we even understand the distance our kindnesses can travel in a single day. I try to not take kindness for granted, to appreciate all that I am given, and to be sure to pass on the ripple.

Zion National Park

Transitioning from fall in the canyons to winter in the Cascades. Life, above all, is seasonal. Ebbs and flows, ups and downs, transitions that lead us down our path.

Zion National Park

Cheers to high places and long approaches!

Joffre Lakes Provincial Park

Sundown in the Khumbu. Rarely was there a sunset to be seen, as one could set their watch as the clouds would so regularly roll up and fill the valley every afternoon. But on this day, they never came, the small wisps stayed high in the sky, and glimmered in the setting sun, holding on to their golden color till they faded to purple.


Another goal added to 2018: more sunrises. We take sunsets as common, but something about the sunset remains elusive.

Bryce Canyon National Park

Making moments count, for these are fleeting times we have. A cool breeze blowing from the canyon valley, warm sun rays kissing your skin before disappearing beyond the horizon.

Zion National Park