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The Oregon coast offers some wild landscapes, shaped and sculpted by the fierce waves of the Pacific. Places like these remind me of just how powerful water is, a life force of its own.


I like going to bed beat up, worn out, well used. We’ve be given these wonderful tools to see and experience and be a part of the world, it sure would be a shame not to take every opportunity to seize those moments.


One of my favorite animals, the guanaco. Also, anyone feeling a winter trip to Patagonia?


Home •
There’s a lot of who I am in this little home on wheels. From summer days with the windows down and music loud, rainy nights being mesmerized by the sound of droplets on the tin roof, a handful of friends piled inside, full of smiles and laughter and reckless abandon. It’s difficult to describe to some, but to others, they just know.


It’s easy to tell ourselves reasons why something is too hard, to be discouraged from even trying. Of the challenges that have stood in my path, I won’t claim to have overcome all of them, but there isn’t one that I regret attempting.


Minutes pass by, often unnoticed. In the mountains I find myself paying closer attention, with a presence that can be lost in the bustle. We need these slow moments.


I talk a lot of gratitude, practicing gratefulness and thanksgiving, but we all struggle at times to see the good in certain situations. While this lifestyle has allowed a freedom that was unprecedented in my previous life, it has its ups and downs. I often struggle with being away from my family, who I get to see perhaps twice a year. Friendships are full on for a week or two at a time, then I’m on the road again. I have learned to build deep relationships quickly, which is a quality I would never want to give up, but also one which can lead to difficult connections. Could I trade this for a more ‘normal’ life? I don’t have the answer to that right now.... Until then, pursue joy, send appreciation for those who bring positivity to your life, and be thankful.
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When’s the last time you did something for the first time? How about a bike ride across Canada? The best ideas sometimes sound too crazy to be possible, but too fun to let go. This July, we’re relay bicycle riding across Canada, in 9 days, raising money for the world’s oceans with our partners @theoceanlegacy and @surfrider ! Link to more info in my bio!
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I’ve often found that it’s outside our comfort zone that we learn the most about ourselves. When we’re pushed, uncomfortable, and open to learning. This for me, has been the single biggest driving factor to the mountains, for I’ve never returned from the mountains without a larger appreciation for the people I’ve spent time with, the experiences we’ve had, and the raw beauty the earth shares.


There are places in the world that will always hold a special place in my heart. This is one of them.


Someday I’m going to put a packraft in this lake, then jump off it and go for a swim.


Perhaps the best option is just to go back to the mountains; things make sense, and the details are simple.


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