William Woodward@wheretowillie

Creative nomad.
Following life's journey, curiously experiencing the world.
Slow wide turns.


We go into the mountains for introspection, for reflection, for moments of quiet. As we walk, scramble, and climb, our bodies connect with the earth, and we find opportunity to grow.


For a sense of height, try and spot the birds flying over the water below.


Scheming ways to get back to New Zealand...


Good friends, good food, campfire stories, and a couple of VW’s. What more could a guy ask for?


Back in 2016 we spent 30 days in kayaks, paddling the entire coastline of the island of Crete, Greece. Along the way I wrestled with the idea of what brings people happiness, and was amazed at the variety of answers that people gave along the way. What brings you happiness?


Scoping out some objectives in the Sierras. Anyone planning on climbing around this area for summer & fall?


The kind of day when shenanigans in the mountains go oh so right.


What makes a home? Things that remind you of your family, your friends, a place that you go to relax and unwind. Every home is different, every one fits it’s person in a different way. For me, Ruby is just perfect.


@abi.lafleur has been giving me a hard time since January about the amount of time I’ve spent in Colorado, so when I was able to come visit for a few days she showed me the mountains near where she grew up. Definitely not a bad start.


Where ever I may roam.


Happy 4th of July friends! Wishing everyone a festive and safe holiday!


It’s interesting how quickly our goals can change as new opportunities arise. We’re these constantly morphing and growing people, and as we meet new people, take on new challenges, and experience new successes and failures, we become new ourselves.