For you, a Thousand times...

I love you, in ways you've never been loved. For reasons you've never been told. For longer than you think you deserved. And with more than you will ever know existed inside me. ~ TK


And if you call me at 3 am, too sad to even say hello, I will listen to your silence until you fall asleep.


Just want to say hi. From the night I threw a party. ❤️


When it’s real, you can’t walk away.


Even if I could choose who I love, it would still be you.


Your words, your promises, your memories - they become more and more distant much like a dream, I wonder if they were ever real. But still, I don’t want to wake up. So - good night. Sleep tight. Don’t let anyone bite.


You are not mine to miss. Not mine to dream about. Not mine to love. Yet I can’t wait - I can’t wait for the day when our paths collide again.


The terrifying thing about love is its power to make an earth populated by over seven billion people feel like it is inhabited by only one, making our own little world heaven if they’re here, and a lonely hell if they’re not. ~ BT


But I wanna dream...


The speed of love is hard to measure. We fall in love before we know each other.


So excited to see Lupita Nyongo at the same exact spot I took and posted last year. It was a Magical place indeed. 😍😘


You are not by my side now, my Love,
in my soul I only have darkness.
And if I'm not allowed to see you
why did God make me love you
only to make me suffer more.
It's a story of a love that has made me understand all the good and the bad.
A love that gave light to my life.
To turn it off again -
so dark will my life be.
~ Historia de un Amor