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Sometimes you can’t afford to let the glare blind you. Nina Williams bouldering with the help of some polarized shades from @nativeeyewear | Tag your climbing buddy!


Sequoia National Park, California USA
Photo by @braedin #wildernessculture


Glacier National Park, Montana USA
Photo by @cadencrawford


Photo/ caption by @lostintheforrest ————
“Sometimes when you make new friends it feels as if you’ve already known them for years. For the past few days I was lucky enough to road trip through some of Washington’s most scenic locations with an incredible crew. The first day of our road trip was spent like this - relaxing and getting to know one another. For the next few days we would head out on some epic adventures with two main goals - stay stoked and build connection through experience. “


The largest trees on Earth by volume #SequoiaNP #California🌏🌲
Photo by @heyyyhay #wildernessculture


@moonmountainman here taking over @visitrapidcity’s Instagram for the next few days with @wilderness_culture! The Needles in Custer State Park beg to be climbed, so I called my buddy @backcountry13 up to come climbing with me. We found and climbed this beautiful spire of rock called “Eye Tooth”! Stay tuned as I share some of the best places to check out in & around Rapid City, SD!
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@southdakota #VisitRapidCity #HiFromSD


Needles Highway #SouthDakota includes 14 miles of sharp turns, low tunnels and impressive granite spires in the Black Hills of South Dakota
Located just 30 miles south of @visitrapidcity -
Photo/ caption by @moonmountainman
"I think out of all the places I wanted to visit in South Dakota, Custer State Park was at the top of my list. I came here a few years ago on an epic climbing trip and I was excited to show this place to my family. The day started out over cast and a little stormy while we had a great time in the morning driving around and seeing a large herd on bison with their new babies, after that the clouds drops down further and blocked out all sun and put this lands scape under a deep dark fog. We still enjoyed a great hike around Sylvan Lake but couldn’t see much beyond there, so we decided to spend another day here so I could properly show Custer State Park off to my family, and also get in a little bit of rock climbing before heading home. This morning was 👌. We took a morning drive thru the park (pictures) while my daughter slept, and were able to see the park in all its glory. Out of all the State Park I’ve ever been too, this one is my favorite and and the drive instead of have big wide sweeping views has a close intimate beautiful feeling making it extremely unique and is one of the best drives anywhere. This place is a gem for rock climbing, hiking, families, drives and wildlife watching. If you come to South Dakota, do not miss Custer State Park!"
@visitrapidcity @southdakota #HiFromSd #VisitRapidCity


Summer time in the Bugaboos #BritishColumbia ☀️🏔️
Photo by @taylormichaelburk #wildernessculture


Overlooking Oeschinen Lake #Switzerland 🇨🇭
Photo by @soerenvazzoler #WildernessCulture


Road trip in the Canadian Rockies #Alberta -
Photo by @ryanresatka #wildernessculture


Summer in Norway 🇳🇴☀️🏔️
Photo by @eljackson #wildernessculture


Sunset on Maligne Lake, Jasper National Park #Alberta #CanadaDay 🇨🇦
Photo by @mydetoxtravel #wildernessculture