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Marco Sullivan @marcolikesit stopped by on closing day to grab a few items for his @americandownhiller speed camp, which I am attending May 11-13 in Mammoth. It’s for adults. Learn how to ski fast and carry that speed safely. Marco is also running awesome downhill camps for kids. Almost all of the coaches are Olympic Ski racers, but I think all of the kids camps are sold out. Speed Camp! WOW!


Mikaela Shiffrin @mikaelashiffrin and Tamara McKinney @tamaramck stopped by on closing day. We wanted to treat Mikaela to some cookies and cinnamon rolls and Tamara to dog biscuits for her new dog Olaf. The baked goods box was too heavy for me, but Mikaela handled it with grace and ease just like the champion she is. ❤️🍪


@pstetina @kielreijnen Kiel said I can reach them 24/7 at this number. Can’t wait to ride with my favorite Tour de France riders when I’m in France! 🍪🍪🍪


Whoops! I thought they were Olympians in curling, but they are just Olympians in Downhill Skiing and Cycling. @brycebennett @marcolikesit @levileipheimer I interrupted their lunch to tell them I had a brilliant idea. Marco’s response: “Any time anyone begins a sentence with those words, it usually doesn’t end well.” Thanks for the fun! 🤣🤗


You can have tacos and a Cookie Pass! #notatidead #notagiraffe #olympian GO Bryce! @brycebennett @kellalti Flubbed my line 😱 but Bryce was solid, just like his Olympic skiing!


Mystery Box. Day 20. The Scroll: If you’re pretty, you’re pretty; but the only way to be beautiful is to be loving. Otherwise, it’s just “congratulations about your face.” @mandrewhays @katyhover_smoot


Mystery Box. Day 19. Black Holes are regular Matter and Dark Matter is very special. Yes, it MATTERS. @marusaslo I did get you snow, though...


Day 18. Mystery Box. December 18. “I sort of took his dog...” @skiingrogge


Mystery Box. Day 17. December 17. Another satisfied customer. @skibananah @m_ax_elrod


Mystery Box. Day 11. December 11th. One per Day. $10.00. STRANGER THINGS... #demogorgonslikechocolatechipcookies


Day 8. Mystery Box. One per Day. $10.00. @mauramack @tahoemack


December 4. Day 4. Mystery Box. One per day. $10.00. @brian_salkeld #nepotismheismynephew


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