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Follow @oceanx for more awesome videos | This is a feather star. It's not the fastest swimmer, but it gets the job done. They used to be a lot more abundant on Earth, evidenced by their presence in limestone beds. There are around 600 species still living, from shallow waters to 9000 meters deep. #weirdwednesday
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Follow @pycousteau for more.. Every creature in nature plays a role in maintaining the whole ecosystem. When will we find ours? 🐙🌊


Lynx photographed after a successful reintroduction in Colorado, USA
Photo by @seanlophotography


Via @trawangandive Relief efforts are ongoing after the serious 7.0 earthquake that hit Lombok and the Gili Islands and we are still trying to piece together how the local staff and extended families are. We have people on the ground in Lombok ferrying food and water to groups of stranded families but the scale is not fit for the job at hand.
We have spoken to most of our staff and are happy to report that everyone survived the shock but at least 70% of them have lost their homes and many are now stuck in make shift camps without access to food or water. Our priority now is try and assist them as much as possible.
This link is to initially get our team access to food, water and medical supplies and then remaining funds will directed toward the rebuild of houses and communities where our staff and their families live.
We will be receiving donations via Go Fund Me at:
Paypal: (We have been told there are some issues donating to Go Fund Me if you are currently located in Indonesia)
Any small amount will help, we are hoping to have these people and their families back on their feet as soon as possible.
Thank you,
The Trawangan Dive Team


A young Burrowing Owlet tilts its head, curiously looking in into the camera.
Photo by @c_losc


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Video by @toto_ddung_ee


@underwaterproshot Underwater Photography is now possible with your iPhone! This entire video was filmed with an iPhone and @underwaterproshot case. Stunning quality, easy to use, and guaranteed protection.


Selfie Fox /
Photo by @michele_bavassano_photographer


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