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Williams Uchemba

Happy Birthday to a man that wants nothing more from people but to see them grow and succeed..thank you for being a role model and mentor to this generation. Live long and prosper in all you do? @aycomedian


Williams Uchemba

Abj people gave me a new name “
“THE DRIP KING” 🤷🏽‍♂️ and they also said that THIS BOY IS WHAT??? Freessshhh!!! periodt 😁


Williams Uchemba

About last night cc @walejana @iamteddya


Williams Uchemba


Williams Uchemba

Abj Way 🚀🚀🚀 coming through
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Williams Uchemba

J E S U S M Y P E A C E 🕊


Williams Uchemba

By the help of God and a couple of people I was able to find the woman her name is Mrs Gift, so we’ve decided to get them a new apartment and furnish it, start her up with a good business( she said she wants to sell food stuff) so we want to do wholesale for her and put the kids back to school ( on scholarship) Let’s get them off the street and give them a brand new life.

Contact information for Williams Uchembah Foundation
0809 163 7999


Williams Uchemba

I just received the video of this woman that was thrown out of the house with her kids because of house rent and her husband just died in May..currently on my way to where I’m guessing she is, you can also help me if you know her current address cos is raining now.
You can call Williams Uchembah Foundation number +234 809 163 7999


Williams Uchemba

I don’t understand how some companies behave sometimes, it is because you guys are the best when it comes to kitchen Equipments? What did I do wrong?? @abutexfoodequipment ABUTEX FOOD EQUIPMENT for ur commercial catering and bakery equipments, They are located at no 40. Olojo drive ojo alaba international road, ojo lagos. 08037069416, 07032486655 and 07012070787


Williams Uchemba

The #merrymen are coming back this December with a bang in #merrymen2. Take a BTS look at what to expect from @aycomedian @jim.iyke @ramseynouah @williamsuchemba and @falzthebahdguy
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Williams Uchemba

Please ooo come and patronize my new business, I’m going to the market now to buy my tools. #idontlikewhatihate


Williams Uchemba

Wait I’m not understanding...I need malt and milk my leg is not carrying my body again... #idontlikewhatihate