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Proof you don't need alot to be genuinely happy ❤️


Have a great weekend everyone!


As some of you may know, I'm planning do a semesters exchange in Thailand, I was lucky enough to get to go for a day visit at the Uni, it looks amazing! 😍 here are some pics I quickly snapped while I was there! Tbh felt more like a palace or the louvre than a Uni 😂


Put on your mask, they're always watching us 🎥


Good evening! Lebua from the Sky! You know where this is if you've seen the movie Hangover 😉 🤙


We're so International 🌏
Hope you're all having a great day, Question: Where are you from?


So before I start my gallery, I got to make a big Thanks to my bro @wackostudio a.k.a Mr. Nobody for showing me around Bangkok, from organising transport, to showing me around the hidden gems of Thai culture, If you haven't checked out his work already, go see it!!


Welcome to my Bangkok gallery! 🇹🇭 Hope you're all having a great day! I've been very fond of this city & very excited to showcase what Thailand has to offer, not just the stereotypical view of it, there are all types of photos from portraits to street to architecture to lots of REAL authentic moments 🙌

Stay tuned as there'll be lots of goodies! 🤙

Also... what are the chances of a tuk tuk driver giving you the peace sign mid road?


Floating houses surrounded by mountains and the Kwai river. P.s my last post of Kanchanaburi, hope you've enjoyed it! Stay tuned for upcoming Bangkok!


Death railway ☠️


Faced one of my biggest fears, enter a bat cave with thousands of bats....


Ever sat on the side of a waterfall?