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west coast girl 🌵 • UMass Boston • allergic to life • Dan’s person💓
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SWSG awards night with the fam! Citing the attached documents, we can’t ever take a normal picture. Love you guys! (Earrings by me! You can cop at link in my bio!)


So I’m sure a lot of you know I got accepted into a study abroad program in Italy this summer. It costs a LOT so in addition to selling my aretes, i also started a GoFundMe to help me pay for this trip. Anything helps! Follow the link in my bio for the donation page. Thank you!


Sorry y’all I always post this loser but I love him sm ❤️ I always say he’s not that tall but why do I look tiny here?


Guys I opened an Etsy shop for my earrings! It’s called TejiditosTorres!

You can order there if you don’t wanna talk to me but want some earrings. Lol.
Anyway, these will be listed on Wednesday bc of lack of time! (link in bio)


Miren que ojazos 😍


Guys I’m trying out a thing and selling custom made earrings.
For the time being, I only have two designs that I’m working on.
The smaller design is $10 and bigger design is $12.
DM me! 💐 *all shipping done on Fridays* 💐
#shoplatinx #latinabiz #latinx #latinxartist


Every day alive & with Dan is a cause for celebration but today is 7 months and we were craving pastel de tres leches. Love u forever b 💕 @fiilthhh


KINGS CRATE #mexicrate 😍


Happy birthday brother from another mother! ♥️ Growing up with you has been fun & thanks for being the laughter to my crippling depression. Love you lots & see you soon! 🎉


Dodging thots at MY queen’s show w @fiilthhh @chris.unofficial 💕


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