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Also, I’m trying to sell my prom dress. IT MAKES U LOOK SLIM THICC BC IT SITS AT UR WAIST NOT UR HIPS. Wore that shit once, my favorite dress ever. But I’ll never wear it again LOL. It’s a-line and halter top so there’s a little hook that you do behind your neck. The hook is invisible. The back has a tailored mini corset. All the roses are embroidered with rhinestones on top of them.
It’s approximately an XL/size 14/16
I’m 5’5 and it’s tailored to 5 inch heels.
Pics are kinda blurry but lmk if you want more. I got it for $275, asking at least $200 but we can talk prices. Again, only worn once and I’ll dry clean it right before giving it. I’m not in CA tho so the business will be with my madre or brother. Cash/check/Venmo.


Although last week I found myself wallowing in sadness about being alive in 2018, this weekend I had a great time. I slept, I cooked and ate pozole with Dan, and we watched tv. We relaxed. We escaped together. And that’s something beautiful that I can appreciate about this man. No matter how far I fall, he will extend his heart out to reach for me. This was our Valentine’s Day. Spread love to those that have held you up this past depressing week.


Happy VDay thicc sugar daddy 😘 this is my first Valentine’s Day with someone and idk what to do. thanks for choosing my ugly ass. We both at work rn soooo see u soon 😂💕 love you!!


Thought I’d make this cute “vase” while procrastinating. It’s almost 12am.


These make me so happy that I had to take stupid pictures holding them like they’re telling me a funny joke. Ty @fiilthhh 💚 #ineedavase


Happy east coast bday to my day 1 ❤️💚 MISS YOUU 😭
You deserve the world! I hope that all of your wishes come true and pls eat a slice of cake in my honor!!
Love you my Huesitos! 💕


The pics I take of him vs the ones he takes of me.

City of Malden

Eating our feelings @ Felipe’s

Felipe's Taqueria

Tonight’s fit: some of my friends’ ugly pics on a t-shirt.


Miss this hoe already 💔 anyway here are some pics from a lil photo shoot at long wharf the other day 😂 see u soon flaca

Long Wharf