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Bon voyage to my lovely little friend, Sunny BumBum @sunshine_the_staffy who is leaving da Land Downunder for a new life wif his mums in da YooKay!!! Dats a weally weally big trip!!! On a plane ✈️ and ebberyfink!!! Safe travels BumBum 😘. Looking forward to seeing your first post fwom ober dere. Maybe you will get to meet some ob my Yoo Kay fwiends!!! 💙💙💙💙💙💙. #bonvoyage #byebyesunnybumbum


Iz cold and windy here today buts I don’t even care coz I GOTZ MAIL!! Fank you to my pals @crazydoglady74 - Mia, Roxy and Digby and Aunty Al for sending me a pwesent for because I hads dat operwation wecently. A cwunchy lion toy which I ripped in no time (butt Muvver sewed back up so we haz matching scars) and dis beautiful bandana (muvver apologises for da way she says Yeeew-nicorns). Anyway as you can see, my side scar is looking good and you can’t eben tell I hads da boob job at all!! Dats coz ob all da good juju dat all you caring fwiends sent me. Fanks again team @crazydoglady74 You haz made my day!!!


He went data-way *points with ear coz too sun-cosy to move*. Sun piggy got her vitamin D this morning but now it’s time for bed. Night night instafam 💖💖💖 #winnie


Keep da eye on da pwize. #happtfriyay #winnie


Do you see it? The teeny tiny blep 😋. ☺️☺️☺️
Fanks ebberybuddy for da lubberly comments on yesterday’s whyme!!! Muvver was oberwhelmed! 😘🧡 #winnie #happythursday


Whyming Wednesday “Twicky Words”
Some words are easy and some words are tricky
some words come smoothly and some are more sticky!
But all words are wonderful in their own way
for helping us say just what we want to say!
Some words are names for places and things
Humuhumunukunukuapua is one
A berry big name for a bwight little fish
but a name that is fun for the tongue!
Maybe you live in Indooroopilly
Or maybe Tangambalanga’s your home
If you live in Banana, do you have to grow ‘em?
and where does “Nowhere Else Road” actually go?
Is an Emu an Ostrich that’s just born somewhere else?
And where did all the triceratops go?
Such pondering can leave you quite discombobulated
and yearning to learn and to grow!
A rumbustious lad could cause a kerfuffle
with his shenanigans and rambunctious ways
Ostensibly leaving all ‘round him incredulous
at just how he survives all his days!
If faced with a decision of what’s for dessert
would you pick the cranberry parfait?
Or maybe a pomegranate pleases your palate
when coupled with pink lemonade?
You may think the longest word ever
is supercalifragilisticexpialidocious
But Google tells me that it actually is
Some words are different in the places they’re spoke
“Believe you me” we can “go up nort hay”!
“Hows by you?” … “Fair to midlin”
may be things Wisconsonites might say.
Some say G’day, some say bonjour
In Zulu it’s said Sawubona
Buenosdias, buon giorno, selamat pagi,
guten morgen, god morgon, good morning!
Chooseday words teach me about other lands
This time I’ve been told of Lebaran
A celebration this week in Indonesia…
two days marking the end of Ramadan.
Imagine knowing ALL of the words!! Woo hoo! you’d be a word magician!
Strolling in sunshine and telling the birds
all your words and their definitions.
We hope you’ve enjoyed today’s poem
And learned a new word or two
Tell us, if you will, when you have time,
the words that mean the most to you.
by the supercawifwagawisticexpiawadocious Winnie Winnie bobeenie banana nana fofeenie fee fi fo feenie… Winnie!!! and Muvver Muvver bobuvver banana nana fofuvver fee fi fo fuvver… Muvver!!! #winnie


Its CHOOSEDAY! And as a bonus its also #tot!! Anyway... back to Chooseday ... hit me up wif your words dat you’d like Muvver to include in tomorrow’s Whyme! Lets make da theme “Twicky Words”
#readysteadygo !!


Oh hai Monday! I see you! Whats the plan?
#happyweek #winnie #biglubs


Hello Friyay! I see you!!! #winnie


🎶 “A little ray of sunshine...” 🎶
Have an orangey-bright Thursday fwiends!
#biglubs #winnie


Our pal Max who libs wif his Hoomans in Sydney is 16 years old today!!! What a handsome silver fox he is!! Luv ya Maxi-boy. Please leave a birthday wish below for his Muvver to read. #thankyou #seniorstaffy #handsome #sweetsixteen


Do I weally hab to get up?
Jammies by @darrenandphillip
Messy blankies by me ☺️ Ps we were going to do Chooseday but den Muvver remembered she has a weally big day tomorrow and won’t be able to help me write da whyme. So we will do next week. Feel fwee to suggest a topic though!! #biglubs #winnie 💜🧡💜🧡💜🧡💜


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