Winter [husky] Kristen [human]@winterthesiberian

✖️Fox pup and her humans who love to wander✖️

Missing mountain tops and desert wanders. Also who else hates leash cover ups? ✋🏻


I’m in that “what next” phase and it’s the most unsettling feeling I’ve had in a very long time. I took the trip I dreamt of all through college. I scored dream clients. I took images I only imagined taking for years. I finally earned my BFA. Now what? As a creative, we go through ups and downs, it’s how we navigate that which determines our next step. I’m choosing to stay positive, even when I don’t feel an ounce of inspiration. Even when I don’t want to look at my camera let alone take photos, I’m choosing to believe for the future. My friends, I invite you to do the same. Stay encouraged, do what you love and the rest will come.


How to make editing even harder: shoot a red dog on red rocks at sunset 😂☠️


Happy Mother’s Day to all the dog moms and human moms out there! This sassy fox made me a mama and brought so much light to my life. Raising her has been my biggest joy. It’s amazing how our babies make us completely whole. ❤️ Love you Winnie.


I JUST GRADUATED!!! It feels super surreal but ya girl officially has a BFA! Let’s be real, that really just means more dollars to spend on Winter. Ha! Heres to freedom and even more traveling!


HAPPY SECOND BIRTHDAY WINNIE! This girl has become my best friend. My all time favorite adventure partner. The best little travel buddy I could ask for. I love seeing new places through her eyes. There’s truly no one else I would rather get lost exploring with. Here’s to many more adventures ahead! I love you Winnie Bear!
Also huge thanks to @avillageofflowers for creating the flower crown of our dreams! It was seriously so perfect!


One day I’ll hike it, until then I’ll just dream. What are some challenging goals that you have for yourself? I love hearing what drives other adventurous souls.


Just going to close our eyes and pretend my little adventure mobile isn’t still in the shop. 🚐


We had so much fun camping this weekend! I barely took any photos because we were really enjoying the moment. Grabbed this quick shot on the 56mm f/1.2 and I’m so glad to have this lens again! 🙌🏻


Spot the lil fluff butt running away from us. 👀 This spot is called “Red Canton”. It’s a stretch of highway 89 right before you get to Bryce Canyon National Park. I really loved this place because there were a bunch of trails that were all dog friendly!


Real talk. I’ve felt so lost with my work lately, editing and all. I thought our trip would fix it, but it actually made it worse. Not hunting for compliments, just wanted to be transparent with you guys in case you felt the same. We shouldn’t be afraid to admit our struggles. YOU’RE NOT ALONE. ❤️


Zion dreaming everyday. Though Zion isn’t the most dog friendly park, there is actually one trail that you can take your pup. The campground inside the park also allows dogs!


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