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Happy Father’s Day X
Photography: @stevenkleinstudio
W magazine, July 2005


Sitting pretty.
Photographer: @AlasdairMcLellan
Stylist: @benjaminbruno_
W magazine, June/July 2016


Now *this* is how you do summer.
Photography: @RoeEthridge
Styling: @PatrickMackieinsta
W magazine, March 2012


Being outdoorsy.
Photography and Styling: @VenetiaLScott
W magazine August 2014


Gone sailing.
Photography: @wardivanrafik
Styling: @ethel_park
W magazine, September 2016


The shoreline at sunset is always a stunner.
Model: @mmparisdotcom
Photography: @RyanMcGinleyStudios
Styling: @edward_Enninful
W magazine, January 2013


Let's get physical. #WorldCup
Models: @_Dilone, @mslaggert, @iblamejordan, @rontez, @lovegrace_e, @graciehartzel, @birgitkos, @mayowanicholas, @saltyalien & @rjking3
Photography: @EmmaSummerton
Styling: @Bat_gio
W magazine, April 2017


“I don’t like theatrical. I like clothes that make sense, but I also like eccentricity.” After 17 years at the helm of @bottegaveneta, designer @tomasmaier has decided to step down from the brand he famously reinvigorated to become the elegantly understated house it is today.
Photography: @francoishalard
W magazine, September 2016


"I want to be directed, I want to be pushed. I'm looking for a challenge, something I can be extremely proud of even though I'm a perfectionist and never extremely happy with anything." Revisit our 2006 interview with Mary Kate Olsen on fashion's favorite's twins' birthday at the link in bio.
Photography: @DavidSims
W magazine, January 2006


Waiting for the weekend.
Photography: @colin_dodgson
Styling: @lottavolkova
W magazine, March 2016


Sheer magic and legs for days, happy birthday to the always fierce, @anja_rubik X
Photography: @roeethridge
Styling: @bat_gio
W magazine, September 2014


"In the fashion world, something that is a little bit ugly, they call it ‘modern.’ But beautiful lasts. And I want to last. That seems modern to me.”
Happy Birthday to the designer with a wonderfully one-track mind, the man who loves women, @alberelbaz8.
Photography: @MikaelJansson
Styling: @edward_Enninful
W magazine, May 2013


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