Life with Senior Dog Rescues, Bikini the pig, Stuart the rabbit, and etc.

You'll need the sound on for this.
Breaking the Biikini stigma.


I know I know, "Where's Bikini the pig?" I'm not trying to be judgemental, but the truth is, her butt won't fit on the stairs. My stairs are narrow and, well, her butt isn't. Butt I promise (pun intended) the next post will be Bikini in all her glory.

Top to bottom, left to right:

Enoch, Edna, Doris, Waylon, Eeyore, Edsel, Loretta, Melvin,, Englebert.

Photo credit: @melissamarkle (she's giving me photography lessons! I know, it's about time.😁)




If you were genetically cursed with chicken legs and you want to make them look bigger, you can either spend countless hours at the gym or just hang out with some chickens.
Sir Mix-a-Lot the chicken, Englebert and 2 Chainz the chicken.
Photo cred @melissamarkle


Since I'm recently back from vacation I tried to get everyone together for a group shot. Unfortunately, Bikini was not cooperating. I gave her a very thorough bath on Sunday and she is still mad at me (girl can hold a grudge). But almost everybody else is here including Stuart the rabbit and Betty the chicken. And if you zoom in on the picture you can see Doris gossiping in Melvin's ear and Edna with that relaxed, messy look that seems to suggest her subcutaneous fluid treatments might not be the only fluids she's getting into.

From top to bottom, left to right
Betty the chicken, Edsel Englebert, Stuart the rabbit, Eeyore, Loretta, Doris (the gossip), Melvin, Edna, Enoch and Waylon.


Welcome home after 8 days away.

Truth be told this same thing happens even if I'm just getting back from a trip to the grocery store.


Headed for home. Until next time Cape Cod...


Edsel and Loretta. Cape Cod vacation 2018. #twosaltydogs


Are we there yet?


Just a quick update on Edna before I leave on vacation. She was diagnosed with moderate level kidney disease a couple months ago so lots of people have asked how she's doing. She is doing amazingly well! She's on a special diet, I give her subcutaneous fluids every day and some naturopathic supplements (not homeopathic, don't yell at me 😁) and I can tell she feels much better. She has lots of energy (contextually speaking), she runs like a speeding bullet through the house ( contextually speaking) and she has an amazing appetite. And of course she still loves movie nights and burrito Saturdays.


It's so cloudy and cool today even Bikini went on the walk so we brought the wagon. And no, Biikini isn't trying out a radical new hairstyle, she loses her coat once a year and its mohawk first this year.


The deck in the backyard still isn't done but I wanted to get a picture with everyone by the koi pond anyway. It's so hot outside Bikini could not be talked into moving away from the air conditioned house.
I tried.... #nobikinibythispool