Life with Senior Dog Rescues, Bikini the pig, Stuart the rabbit, and etc.

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People worry that I might be lonely but #theresthisonechickicalleverynight


You know your friends are true pet lovers when they have some dogs, cats and Bikini the pig in their wedding party group pic.
My friends @edenrachelcohen and Drew Brown from @onerepublic sent me this incredible wedding picture from 2016 that they have hanging in their house. They superimposed their dog and cats' heads on the wedding party and then added a few of mine (Phyllis, Josh, Enoch, Englebert, Melvin and Bikini the pig) to finish it off. I have to say, seeing Bikini the pig and Englebert in a suit just makes my day. It kind of makes me want to get married just so I can have one of these photos hanging in my house.
Eden and Drew are some of the nicest people I know. They're both so creative and they have the biggest hearts for animals.
(Created for eden and drew by @snack.shots )


Sound on. A little Bikini scratch to start your Friday.
A couple of pre-emptive answers to expected comments:

1. That's Melvin clearing his throat out in the background. He does it every morning. It reminds me of my grandfather.
2. The animals do not have access to the new, large Koi pond. It is fenced off. As a further precaution I had them put a 6" wide ledge about 3" below the water level so any animal can get out (including the turtle and frogs that live there). 3. I like Bikini to scratch herself outside to help keep the house clean. She knows this. She understands this. But she gets distracted by other scratchable surfaces on her way and changes her mind.


Movie night, and it's not even Saturday...
This is what spontaneity looks like when you get old.


Open, honest dialogue is important in any relationship.


I know his previous owners made him live outside. He got so cold that he suffered frostbite in both ears. He knew pain and fear. But when I see him sleeping peacefully like this, it feels like maybe he has forgotten all that ever happened to him before. I hope so.


Edna. Fighting kidney disease with big hair.
She's doing great so far. In addition to the power of big hair, she gets subcutaneous fluids every evening, naturopathy supplements from @nhvnaturalpet and we are working on her diet. Prayers always welcome.


About once a month I work with the Maxfund Rescue group in Denver to help them find homes for senior dogs in need. This month I'm featuring Professor Plum. He's in the lower right hand corner. In the dining room. With the candlestick. (Sorry, I couldn't resist. 😁) Professor Plum is around 10 years old and was transferred to Denver from an Oklahoma shelter. He came from an abusive situation so he will probably need a little more gentle reassurance and patience than some dogs, but he is so ready to be loved. A quiet home without kids is probably best. I sat on the floor and talked to him and before long he climbed in my lap, gave me lots of kisses and buried his head under my arm. My house full of dogs scared him a little at first but once he figured out he was safe, he was fine.
So get a clue and go visit Professor Plum at the Maxfund shelter. Get to know him, fall in love like I did, and bring him home with you. He deserves to know what it's like to be loved.
Maxfund is open today and every day but Tuesday. 1005 Galapago, Denver. 303.595.4917


Doris. 6 a.m. before coffee.


The ending of a 3 day weekend...


I told them it was Labor Day weekend so they would work.
Doris, Melvin, Edna, Englebert and Eeyore