Camp Woodward@woodwardcamp

The Ultimate Summer Camp

The first round of Mano A Mano 2018 is in the books! Only 8 skaters remain. This was one of our favorite battles so far, between @cjcollinsskate and @coryjuneau. Catch up on all 8 games at


Controversy strikes in Episode 5! Check it now at

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The Powerslide Contest at camp is always HECTIC 🌪️

#CWS9 Episode 15 is now live on WoodwardTV! Link in bio
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Mano A Mano is back in 2018. Watch 16 of the best mini ramp skaters in the world go head to head in our bracketed Game of S.K.A.T.E at @woodwardwest .
The first 4 matchups are now LIVE on @woodwardskateboarding #campwoodward


Together at last! @KennedyThames and @KarolyneDay15 tumble together for the first time EVER in this weeks episode of #CheerGirls. Watch the full episode at

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Lazer almost loses his son when Gavo hits the big gap on Mini Mega 😵

Watch the full episode on WoodwardTV! Link in bio.
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@spencerforesman challenged camper @jaydenmucha to backflip all 4 jumps in Big Dirt. If he does? Prizes. If he comes up short? He has to jump in the lake with all his clothes on. Think he’s got it? Find out on Woodward TV.

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@jorisco108 made the most of his first stay at @woodwardcamp.  Tire ride to tuck-no-hander on one of the more elusive obstacles in the snake run.
Photo:  @joshmcelweephoto | #campwoodward


SWIPE OVER >>> Our list of special guest VIP gymnastics coaches is growing by the day. Learn from coaches like Madison Kocian, Jordyn Wieber, Jonathan Horton, Paul Hamm, Igors Vihrovs, Rustam Sharipov and Liliya Podkopayeva.

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In Episode 3, the girls travel to #CampWoodward for a week at the ultimate summer camp. See what @KennedyThames gets into on day 1 now at

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Christian Griffith is running 3000 miles from New York to San Francisco to prevent and treat child abuse. Christian made Woodward Camp one of his stopping points along his route. Show your support by following @Run2Heal and by sharing his crusade.

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Lazer hooks a beast, the boys skate the mini ramp contest, and Roman tries kickflip front board in this weeks episode of #CWS9. Link in bio!

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