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Two different perspectives at the same place.


If I was to reveal in this shot the top of the mountains I am standing at the base of, I would have had to fly up another 6,000 feet. This valley was my destination after a 2,700 elevation gain hike up from the bottom of Lauterbrunnen Valley (you can see some of the many sights along my hike on my profile in my Switzerland stories highlights). Spectacular as this place is, this valley which was once a glacier field is looking increasing like a rock field as Switzerland’s glaciers are rapidly melting 😢. Music: Kara-Lis Coverdale


My next post will be a drone shot, I promise. The peak barely poking out from the clouds on the left is Jungfrau. The highest train station in Europe is located underground below the smaller rocky peak on the right, on top of which sits the Sphinx Observatory. The decks of the observatory were packed with people elbowing me out of their way to take selfies. It’s funny how all it takes is a little physical effort to have an even better view all to myself. #35mm #leicam6


At this point I’ve written and rewritten and deleted maybe 10 or 12 captions for this image. I started one or two about how “Switzerland is heaven” or something corny and cliché. I wrote one trying to describe how this place sounded and smelled. I wrote several about how Switzerland was too peaceful to fly a drone, how I didn’t want to disturb anyone or anything with the sound of my drone. I wrote a few about all of the “feels” this place gives me (except I wouldn’t actually use the word “feels”). Then I wrote one about how this is one of my favorite places I’ve ever been, that I want to go back to and then I thought maybe I’ll ask people what their favorite places they want to go back to are (but I didn’t want to come off as trying to fish for comments). I wrote one about how I didn’t think I needed to go to Switzerland because I had already technically been there and how I was stupid for thinking about travel in terms of a to-do list of countries. I wrote one about how I wish I could write better captions. I wrote a real heavy one about how travel photos on social media can be inspiring but how they too often make you feel jealous. I give up, this photo can have no caption or all of the captions. It was shot on a Leica M6 I borrowed for the trip and fell in love with along the way (I never wanted to be a Leica person, but now I get it).


Scanning my film from Switzerland! 🎞️ #leicam6


When I was a kid, my favorite thing was flying in planes. I didn’t get to do it very often, but the times that I did were the highlight of my young life.
As an adult I sometimes experience mild anxiety while flying (I still don’t handle turbulence so well). But when I’m looking out the window at the world from 35,000 feet, I’m so very much that same kid. It’s still the coolest thing, and I’m going to take pictures every time.


I rode the ridiculously scenic railway to the highest train station in Europe at Jungfraujoch. From there I walked even higher to Mönchsjoch Hütte. In the time it took me to walk through the slushy snow at that high elevation, the weather changed and a thick blanket of clouds rolled in. The walk was almost for nothing, with no view to be seen. I sat in the cafe at Mönchsjoch and waited, and after an hour the clouds passed. When I emerged I found myself completely alone, up here above the clouds with the most incredible views down both sides of the mountain.
This is the highest elevation I’ve ever flown my drone, but I did not fly it far because of the ever changing wind, and after seeing a fighter jet blast past, flying low between the peaks of these mountains. 🎹 Pauline Anna Strom


I need to spend a lot more time here seeing as it’s only a quarter of a day’s drive from home. In less than a week I’ll be in another range of mountains on the other side of the world... Guess where and I’ll send you a postcard from there 💌 #mamiya7ii #120mm


Rolled into Yosemite National Park last week and this was the scene that greeted us. #leicam6 #35mm


A few days ago at 10,000’ in California ❄️


I recently traveled to Haiti not only to see the sights (as beautiful as they were). The real purpose of my friends and I going to Haiti was to volunteer with the program @lidehaiti, teaching art to girls in Gonaives. The girls and we inspired each other through painting, drawing, collage, paper mache and photography… and of course we had some fun with #FurbyTheDrone.
Lide is a program that uses art as a way to empower at-risk girls in Haiti. Without the Lide program these girls would have no access to art education, and would never have the opportunity to develop and express themselves through art (I can’t imagine who I’d be today without art). Please check out @lidehaiti and support the life changing work they’re doing! 🌈🎨🌟


I seem to find bright blue water every place that I go! This was shot following a wonderfully refreshing swim in the uppermost of the three pools here at Bassin Bleu.
Haiti has the bluest river I’ve ever seen! The blues in this video have not been saturated, that’s the completely natural color from the reflection of light off of the suspended minerals in the water.
Music is “Haiti Cumbia” by Nemours Jean-Baptiste.