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Aretha Franklin, the Queen of Soul who understood vocal harmony and phrasing perhaps better than any of her female pop and soul contemporaries, has died at 76.⠀

Thanks to her powerful, flexible voice and fierce delivery, Ms. Franklin was the most commanding and influential vocalist of her generation. When she let out a gospel wail or added an “Oh, yes I am” as a spiritual fill, her songs became urgent messages and awakened the emotions of anyone with a heart.⠀

Between 1961 and 1998, 88 of Ms. Franklin's singles reached Billboard’s pop chart, with 17 rising into the top 10. She won 18 Grammy Awards, and five of her recordings have been inducted into the Grammy Hall of Fame.⠀

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MIT research scientist Josh Siegel was just old enough to get his learner's permit at 14 when he found a 1955 Chevrolet 210 for sale online. Living in suburban Detroit at the time, he bought the car for $3,000 with earnings from his job at a summer camp job teaching kids to build model cars. ⠀

When he saw the Chevy roll off the truck, he realized he had no idea how to drive stick. He figured it out, thanks to some guidance from his father, and soon set about disassembling and cleaning the Chevy's 235-cubic inch six-cylinder engine. He studied electronics to redo the car's wiring and learned about chemistry while stripping off its paint. ⠀

The experience inspired Mr. Siegel, 29, who now lives in Brookline, Mass., to study engineering. Today his work involves placing sensors and modems all over vehicles so drivers can know everything they need to about their cars via devices like a phone.⠀

This Saturday, the Woodward Dream Cruise will roll through Metro Detroit, within a half-mile of where Mr. Siegel grew up. It is billed as the world's largest car cruise, with over a million spectators, and he will drive his 1955 Chevy in the event for the 13th time.⠀

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A severe drought has gripped an area of Australia more than twice the size of Texas, turning normally fertile crop areas into dust bowls. ⠀

"There's not a blade of grass, not even a vestige or shoot. It's dirt," said Carolyn Fretwell, a rancher whose family has grazed cattle and sheep on the plains near Coonabarabran, 300 miles northwest of Sydney, for 80 years.⠀

The drought, which began for some in 2013 but intensified this winter when seasonal rains failed to arrive, is likely to worsen a global grain shortfall and lower beef prices.⠀

Farmers are wondering if they should bother planting summer crops.⠀

Greg Jerry, another farmer in the area, said he has been shooting sheep and cattle that are too weak to stand, amid the worst local conditions in five generations.⠀

"With the wind and dust, it's just turmoil. Some days it's like being in the Sahara."⠀

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"All we want is to have our house back, but I just can’t do it on my own." A year after Hurricane Harvey flooded the Port Arthur, Texas, home Laura Welch shares with her 20-year-old daughter and 15-year-old special-needs son, she has received $12,000 from @FEMA out of the approximate $40,000 she said she needs to fully restore it. With a poverty rate of 29%, Port Arthur was among the poorest communities along the Texas Gulf Coast before Hurricane Harvey—and in the year since, it has struggled to recover from flooding that left almost the entire city of 55,000 underwater.

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Unfazed by associations with cellblocks and parking garages, more homeowners are discovering that concrete is the chameleon of construction. ⠀

On the North Shore of Long Island in New York, Tod Greenfield spent over $2 million to build the 5,000-square-foot concrete house pictured here. ⠀

"Concrete has a natural appeal to us. It's interesting to look at," said Mr. Greenfield, who rode out superstorm Sandy in 2012 inside the house before it was complete. ⠀

"I saw this giant oak tree keel over and hit the corner of the roof—it just snapped. House: 1, Tree: 0."⠀

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When the temperature surges, Korea's refreshing repertoire of chilled noodle dishes can come to the rescue. @wsjoffduty offers three modern takes on traditional dishes, including the mul naengmyeon pictured here. ⠀

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The Carr fire burning in Northern California is one of the most destructive in state history. These aerial photos, taken by drones flown over the city of Redding, show some of the worst damage.⠀

As the fire swept through the rural area, residents of Redding and other smaller communities in its path fled for their lives. Many who left their homes in the middle of the night returned to find nothing left but ash.⠀

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"The Scream" painter Edvard Munch's first commission in 1881 shows the living room of his cousins' cozy, clapboard home outside the center of what is now Oslo. ⠀

The work, done when the artist was 17, resides in the permanent collection of Oslo's @themunchmuseum. The 2,500-square-foot house depicted in the painting, which is set back from a street in the buzzing neighborhood of Bislett, is on the market for about $2.2 million.⠀

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"There comes a point in time where everyone has to care for a parent. It just happened 30 years sooner than I ever anticipated it."⠀

Adrienne Glusman was 29, single and working in New York City when her mother was diagnosed with Parkinson's disease.⠀

She left her career and friends and moved to Florida to take care of her mother, Hetty, who now lives in an assisted-living community.⠀

"My life was uprooted in the blink of an eye," said Ms. Glusman, now 37.⠀

Caregiving responsibilities can come at pivotal times in the lives of millennials and threaten to derail expected milestones, like starting families and buying a house, as well as creating considerable financial strains, experts say.⠀

Millennials now make up 24% of the nation's unpaid caregivers, up from 22% of young adult caregivers in 2009, according to the National Alliance for Caregiving. And their numbers are expected to grow.⠀

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Sprawling fires continued to grip California as crews battled what officials described as the largest wildfire in the state's history.⠀

The Mendocino Complex—an inferno combining two fires burning just north of Napa County's wine-growing region—had scorched more than 283,000 acres as of Monday, officials said.⠀

Sixteen major fires were burning across California as of Monday, with more than 14,000 firefighters deployed to battle them. ⠀

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📷: 1. & 2. Kent Porter/The Press Democrat/Associated Press; 3. Noah Berger/Agence France-Presse/Getty Images; 4. Marty Bicek/Zuma Press


"I was a nobody. I like to be a nobody. That's fine for me."⠀

Ben Worsley flew on private jets and sailed on luxury yachts, reinventing himself into a financial specialist with a ringside seat into how rich Russians quietly shuffle money around the world. ⠀

With no background in finance, the Englishman found his job administering offshore shell companies for a Russian bank fairly easy. The goal was simple: keep the bank's bad loans from coming to the attention of regulators while managing a merry-go-round of cash.⠀

"Is it going to be trouble?" Worsley's client, a muscular Russian banker whose expensive suits hid his tattoos, thought upon hiring him. "Not really."⠀

Then it all came crashing down.⠀

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Fresh herbs, chiles, spices and lime make an invigorating rub for this light, summery halibut. Try it steamed or on the grill for moist, flaky results. Get the recipe from chef @floydcardoz at the link in our bio. 📷: @dmalosh for @wsjoffduty #FoodFriday #recipe #eeeeeats #halibut