I do art sometimes


My mind is racing tonight so some painting helped 💖

Used cotton swabs 4 the hanging flowers (brush and nail dotter for the rose/circles)


My bf took a candid sleeping pic of me a while back


My old age makeup look 4 class (and cute vid of my bf taking off my makeup for me:) i wore this home, so walking from normandale to my apt was a hoot.


Stage makeup assignment ~~~ So happy to be in school again :) I’ve started doodling again since this class and I’m so happy (:


Melty day at the ice castles in Stillwater ❄️⛄️


John Carpenter!!
My dad got a meet and greet to shake Carpenter’s hand and he gave him a copy of his book!! Apparently he said “You got *me* something?” (So exciting!) His son performs on stage with him and I just loved it all!! Tbh this was my 1st official concert and I have to say it was a success!! Plz #JohnCarpenter read my Dad’s book @robertspande


My dads fuckin best t-shirt out of all of them @robertspande


Lil bb hearts 💕
Liner makes me feel extra since I’ve been wearing no makeup lately. I wore this all day and it looks worse than when it was fresh but oh WHHHHELL
Inglot - gel liner #77
Nyx vivid brights in white, sapphire and petal
I also tried to do blue mascara on the inner corner but it was oh so clumpy, so I gave up.


bebe steps




Jus me bein good ol' lil' schoolgirl 👼
I curled my hair but still refuse to wear makeup for a bit?? That will change, i want to do art and makeupz again i havent done any art for like a year and it makea me sad-a. What should i dew??


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