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There is no plan B.
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“Where’s My Money” The greatest TV show never made. Starring @unclejuice_pr feat @lgndfrvr @denise.rodri (Couples Night Season 5 Finale in my bio) Binge watch this weekend and let me know what you think 💭 @fbcouplesnight


Season Finale is here!!!! Link in the bio (Check out the season recap on IGTV then binge watch the season on Facebook) www.facebook.com/wuzgoodtv (Season 5)


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Catch up on the murder mystery adventure @fbcouplesnight 7/20/18


Can you make this face???? 🤣🤣🤣 send me a video and I’ll post it #facechallenge


Stealth Mode
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Couples Night Season Finale 7/20/18


I told y’all not to roast me 💀(via @melvingregg)


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Success is something I think we all dream about. It comes in many forms, shapes and sizes. Being a creator I think most people set the bar at getting the most followers....(which is cool). However Ive always thought of what we do as creators as something more, something different, the place where we make our own rules. My friend @destorm is the perfect example of how to take this a step further....he created an instagram Series, made extended cuts on YouTube and is now nominated for an #emmy (are you fu*^% kidding me?!?!?) yo witnessing a friend attain something historic in the digital space is something completely unexplainable and personally groundbreaking. I don’t think you understand. He told me to my face “I’m gonna get nominated for an Emmy” LAST YEAR!!!!......man let me get back to grinding. I’ll be directing blockbuster films in a theater near you next year. #congratsbro