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When you spot a #replikate at @katespadeny - you are obliged to purchase it, no?

Kate Spade

We are pretty sure that there are days when, like us, Kate wants to take a walk on the wild side. She'd pack up her pearls and trappings of royalty and haul out the animal print and red nail polish. But could Kate really ever do that? Maybe she just spritzes on a different perfume to be a little rebellious in her everyday. So easy to try! We were excited to try @katvondbeauty Saint and Sinner perfumes to test out the two sides of the perfume world's living on the wild side. #complimentary #contest @influenster @katvondbeauty #saintandsinner #theresurrectionisreal


In a world of chaos, never forget that there is joy, wonder, and beauty in the small things around us. Ask yourself, what would Kate do during trying times? Enjoy the simple pleasures, be respectful of others - even when you disagree - and *always* be kind 💕👑❤️


Calling all #repliKaters! What was the last #repliKate you bought? We'd love to hear from you! 📸regram: @lady.m.replikates


Brooke and I met when we were both early in our pregnancies with our boys. Through an online pregnancy support group we met, only to discover that amongst a group of 60 women from all over the world, we happened to live 2 hours away from each other. After discovering a number of other amazing coincidences, we also realised we share a love for all things royal - especially replikating. It is our wish that other replikaters find a friendship like ours! Thank you for following the #myroyalweekend updates for Brooke and I. We are so grateful to be able to share our replikating with you all, and hope you will join us over at @cambridgemums for future updates! - Rachael, @cambridgemums


There is something about jewellery... something that makes you feel special, feminine... and sometimes, royal. Here's a snippet of my ever expanding, replikate-inspired earring collection. I'd like to secure a few more, but I may need to wait a few years - little toddler hands seem to be attracted to shiny things on my ears! - Rachael, @cambridgemums #myroyalweekend


My favourite thing about replikating has been the friendships I've made. I used to be a skeptic about friendships initiated online, until I found women who shared my royal interests in a Facebook group. These girls gave me the courage to share my love for Kate's fashion with others. Because of our shared interests, we understand each other (who else could you text at 4am, knowing the other would be awake, because a royal baby was born on the other side of the world?!). This Whistles engagement blouse I purchased from one 'Kate friend', and now lives with another. The Zara blazer was purchased for me by another lovely replikater, and these Mappin & Webb replikate earrings were discovered by my first ever replikate friend, @theladywallace. I am blessed to know so many special ladies, and look forward to meeting many more! - Rachael, @cambridgemums #myroyalweekend


We're always Dig Dig Digging in this house these days. Rumoured to be one of Prince George's favourite books, Louie is so taken with the colourful pages and my attempts at narrating what the trucks are doing 😂 Spending quality time with my son is how I imagine Kate chooses to spend her days off. Being a mother is my greatest replikate, and really, there are few 'celebrity' mother role models that are as graceful and humble as Kate. That's why Brooke and I started @cambridgemums, and we have loved sharing our journey with our followers so far. - Rachael, @cambridgemums #myroyalweekend


Leading up to the birth of my son Louie, I dropped a few hints about having something to signify his arrival to my darling husband - a very patient man who accepts my love of replikating, not always the price tags though 😉 He has a list of things that he can choose from when it comes to gifts, mainly because otherwise shopping overwhelms him. Hubby chose these Links of London Hope Egg Earrings - personally, I don't think he could've chosen better! 🙌 - Rachael, @cambridgemums #myroyalweekend


The @cambridgemums Instagram takeover continues! "I followed Kate's fashion for a long time before I actually purchased anything she wore. My first ever replikate was the dress she wore the day after the Royal Wedding, and I felt like royalty whenever I wore that dress. Finding this French Connection blouse was a fun weekend for me - sometimes living in Australia, where the fashion is often older stock to the European stores, has its advantages. I visited three stores before finding this blouse, when it was already long gone in overseas stores, and to date it is still one of my favourite items. And of course this Zara boucle jacket - it is always on high rotation!" - Rachael, @cambridgemums #myroyalweekend"


Happy birthday, George! We wish this cheeky monkey a very happy fourth birthday! You bring us so much happiness, joy and delight!


The #RoyalTour is over! What was your favourite look? @marianna.london put together a great collage of all of Kate's looks - we would love to hear your favourites.