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Appreciate the love yo - thanks for your birthday wishes 💘


After seeing Love, Simon, I felt like coming out to my mom Jennifer Garner (the 13 Going on 30 Jen), and walking in the corridor of my high school with a lost, yet sexual gaze.
Congrats to my friend @therealnickrobinson who is so generous and genuine in this that I filed a proper adoption form. I’ve stored my passport in the freezer once or twice Nick but I can be a good parent to you.
More seriously, let’s not discuss the movie itself, but rather focus on its existence, and the fact a major studio has released a film on a teen coming out. A door has opened, which has opened before, but this time, I can see the light pouring in. I’ve watched so many LGBTQ films as a kid, desperately looking for answers, locked up in my room, where I’d download movies on LimeWire for lack of a decent video store. Most of them were brilliant and invigorating for the young artist I wanted to be, but left the young man I was with little to hope for. Suicides, heartbreaks, bullying, gay-bashing... Love, Simon, in all its earnestness, in all its normalcy, shows the struggle of coming out, but with an inspiring conclusion for teenagers who will see “Love, Simon” because they don't feel "normal". Perhaps this will teach them that, even if their life isn't as privileged as Simon’s, they can make a move. And perhaps this can teach us, as an industry, that it’s time to stop relinquishing LGBTQ protagonists to insubstantial, typically comical supporting roles, but rather offer them narratives designed around them, and around the opposite of what is commonly referred to as ”normal people”. Normal is a changeful notion.
Had a movie like that existed when I was 15, I maybe wouldn’t have lied to my father about that Ashton Kutcher poster I pretended to give my cousin Stefanie in front of him while it was actually mine. Had I seen it then, things would’ve been different. And I’m happy with how things went, and despite the loneliness you feel as a teen coming out, I felt supported. I was lucky. But most kids aren't.
Love Simon is a huge step for them, and for us. Thank you to all the artists and people involved.


I admire @boysru1e ‘s dedication and courage. He and some of his friends have been affected with blood cancer and have lived the experience of losing a friend but also lived around families who were equally affected. Their donation fund, whose link you’ll find in my bio, allows you to donate to the cause and the fund. Whatever you want. I’d encourage them if I were you. It’s in brave, generous young people like them that hope lies and that a better future awaits. Give a break to cat memes for a sec - just a sec of course - and do something useful ;) #idonatedlls


Always a pleasure to attend @louisvuitton ‘s shows, celebrate @nicolasghesquiere ‘s work and systematically gain 13 pounds in Paris.


Always fun to make new friends @fred.gervais 📷🙌🏻




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Just heard of the passing of Ren Hang 🖤


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Lisez svp. Des nouvelles sans doute différentes de celles que vous attendiez peut-être, mais des nouvelles que je me dois de partager avec vous quoi qu’il en soit. J’aurai au cours des prochaines semaines de belles choses à vous dire. Ne doutez pas de mon impatience de partager avec vous Ma vie avec John F. Donovan - XD


Please bear with me and read. Perhaps not the news you were waiting for, but something I had to tell you nonetheless. I will have other kind of information over the next few weeks. Please don’t doubt my eagerness to share The Death and Life of John F. Donovan with you. - XD