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Grateful to @thegreatestmagazine for the amazing opportunity. Loved this shoot with @photographmark and interview! Buy your copies online, link in bio


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Repost from @douglasbooth - The idea of being forced to flee home is unimaginable, let alone having to do so as a child. Yet more than half of all refugees and displaced persons around the world are children - just like Gharwali, whom I met in Iraq, having just fled Daesh in Mosul. She was the most gorgeous, smiley and upbeat girl and she had her parents by her side to support her.
However, in the conflict and upheaval forcing them to flee their homes, thousands of children lose their parents to violence or become separated from them and endure long journeys on their own.
This #WorldChildrensDay, let us not forget the children who have been forced to into this unimaginably frightening situation. In 2017 alone, an estimated 173,800 unaccompanied and separated child refugees and asylum-seekers were reported worldwide.
If you want to help, please consider making a donation to @refugees. One of their key roles is helping unaccompanied and separated children seek asylum and help restore their hope of a future. In 2017 they provided assistance to 45,500 unaccompanied and separated children who sought asylum worldwide. Follow @refugees to learn more.


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We wrapped on Matthias and Maxime last night after 48 days of pure joy, and passionate creation. I’m grateful to have found a family of artists and friends with whom I get to make movies, and find escape. I cannot wait for you to see it. X


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And that’s where it all began. Day 10/10 🌹


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Day 9/10 #10daymoviechallenge


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Number 8 is a tie again. You’ll get why. Only two days left to the #10daymoviechallenge @peterknegt @jonathan.anderson @marioncotillard @leaseydoux_genuine are you up to it?


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Day 7/10 🔥


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Day 6/10 #10daymoviechallenge


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Day 5/10 of the #10daymoviechallenge - this is the one that made me want to write for women


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Day 4/10...


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Day 3/10 - one film frame a day - @mylene.jampanoi @mxmlvsq @cathbrunet you up to the challenge?


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You knew it was coming... Day2 of the one film frame a day challenge