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Well uh, hey there! 😋
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Just got a brand new computer mouse 😄 Costed me $57.99 tho, next thing to get soon is a Headset with a Microphone! 💕


is typing..
If you wanna join my discord server, either type the entire link in google, or... go to the discord app, then go to where you can create or join a discord server, once you find that, click the one to join a server, then type the code at the end of the link!
(Code: Q7EUDgy)
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Enjoy watching me play VRChat on my computer, btw you'll see me in the background sometimes but oh well!


Watchin a movie on Rabb.it with 20 people, quite alot. 😅


Watchin' Monsters, Inc. ❤️