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Juyong Pass: first light on the Great Wall of China at Juyongguan, once an impregnable pass on the road to Beijing dating back to the 15th century. Beat the crowds, get there early.
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It’s the summer solstice today in the northern hemisphere, though it would be hard to tell along the Trola Pass where the mountains are usually blanketed with snow for most of the year. This unpaved dirt road is part of the Northern Sichuan-Tibet Highway, which climbs to an astounding 5100 meters over the Trola (Chola) Mountains, along the ancient Tea Horse Road between Derge and Manigango. For a sense of the immense size of these mountains, see if you can find the trucks along the road?
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It was pouring in Genoa when I arrived. Weather is another element out of a photographer’s control, but we learn to work with it, and sometimes bad weather can be an asset. But not this time. Not seeing any potential for a picture in the downpour, I went to a nearby trattoria for a plate of pasta. An hour later I finished my espresso and headed back out onto the street and to my surprise, the sun was shining. I looked down to dodge a puddle in front of the palace and noticed that it’s façade was reflected there. As a bonus a pigeon happened to fly into my frame just as I clicked the shutter. Photography depends on the serendipitous moment as part of the creative process. Japanese photographers recognize this and call it, “shutta chansu.” From my recent #TedX Talk. Check out the video! Find the link on my profile @yamashitaphoto.
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A father teaches his son the art of making yak butter in Yunnan, China. Today is Father’s Day in America. Happy #FathersDay to all Dads everywhere! #yunnan #yakbutter #yakbuttertea #tibetan @thephotosociety @natgeocreative @thesilkroadjourney


Honored to have had the opportunity to do a #TedX Talk at my alma mater, @wesleyan_u. Check out the video! Find the link on my profile @yamashitaphoto.


Happy National #FlagDay! The flag is hardly noticeable from ground level. Best seen from a helicopter.
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A smile is worth a thousand words - Yao women in Yunnan still proudly sport gold-sheathed teeth, just as Marco Polo described in the 13th century.
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Here, a fisherman in a traditional Vietnamese bamboo basket boat repairs his nylon plastic fishing net. Reusing these nets, or recycling them, is the best way to keep marine-life safe. Abandoned plastic nets are a significant problem, resulting in entrapment and death of sea birds, marine mammals, and fish. #plasticfree @natgeo @natgeocreative @thephotosociety @thesilkroadjourney


Behind the scenes photographing Singapore Prime Minister Hsien Loong Lee pre summit. #whatmakessg @leehsienloong @gov.sg @natgeoasia @natgeo @natgeocreative


On this year’s #WorldOceansDay, June 8th, we are honoring the ocean, striving to prevent plastic pollution & encourage solutions for healthy oceans. Locals enjoy early mornings on Nha Trang Beach, but leave behind refuse & plastic that can be seen glistening in the sun. What is left on the beach will eventually end up in the sea. So, please pick up after yourself before you leave the beach, and help to keep our oceans #plasticfree #nhatrang


Bangkok stop - view from my window - calm before storm. @thephotosociety @natgeocreative @thesilkroadjourney


Singapore River then (1978) and now (2018). Speaking about it tonight for Temasek. My career started here shooting for Singapore Airlines 40 years ago. @thesilkroadjourney @natgeo @natgeocreative @temasekseen