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Lightroom editing presets👇🏻


Everyday life on the streets • Little India


Posted another tip for @lightroom on my story! It’s about adjustment brush and it’s one of the most powerful tools you can have! It can make or break the picture. Photo edited with my preset which can is available in the link on my profile page!



Game on • at their own time and pace, it’s magical watching the elderly do their thing, so focused with years of wisdom and experience.


A dream coming true the second year round, had so much fun shooting @ultra.sg and to be able to combine what I see through my eyes and dance music which I’ve started listening to as a kid is just crazy. Thank you everyone who came to the show and friends + people whom I’ve met on the site even for a brief moment🙏🏻 #UltraSingapore


A kindergarten school full of joy




Can’t believe we found a dense little part of this in the city of Shanghai, walked inside and instantly felt peace


Commute to work, Geisha style. Always amazing to watch them manoeuvre from one place to another.


Singapore inspires me and has much impact on my photography. My home is beautiful from any angle if you look carefully. The 1st photo was shot with ISO 100, f1.8 and shutter of 1/250, the 2nd one with ISO 1600, f1.8 and shutter of 1/20, all on auto White Balance with @vivosg X21 which produces professional and amazing photos #AIShotPerfectShot #ShotonVivoX21


Everyday job but Japanese always treat it as their first day, with fullest effort and service every single time.


A simple but quick @lightroom tip up on my stories! I really believe editing can make or break a photo, edited with my preset • link in BIO.


Part 2 of the craziest downpour, the insanely strong wind that blew the rain, creating a dragged grain like structure on the photo.


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