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All about LOVE, TRUTH, HONESTY, HUMILITY which have only ONE source. Art, Arsenal FC and Cannabis enthusiast. #ISRAELITE . Hello

I respect art that does not allow you to switch off.
I respect a man that does their research.

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Oh my days. These man r spinning pure bangers right now. Perfect accompaniment to this essay writing

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Home is where the heart is. "Ain't nuttn changed, all I see up in my futures blue skies...." #SSL #Duality #AKG #c414 #itaintover
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Hello world.

I present to you my big brother
@CHROM3UK 's new release "PRIDE". Check out the visuals on youtube.
Available to DL on all major outlets/platforms.

Was a fun shoot, chilling with the broski' s, little cameo from urs truly.

This marks @chrom3uk 's return to music after writing & appearing on 2 UK Number 1's.

I can honestly & legitimately say there are NO artists on this planet like Chrom3. Like me he is a man of The MOST HIGH & incredibly gifted, I can't wait for the world to hear the upcoming project.



I just wanna say this is a travesty!

It happened with Ashley Cole, we let Cesc go & didn't take up the option of bringing him str8 back, & now Jack.

This is the last f'ing straw. Even if we win the league, where is our identity...? The most naturally gifted Englishman of a generation, Arsenal through & through, given no compassion &/or understanding for what injuries have done to his momentum / playing time.

We will miss u @jackwilshere u deserve better. Hope u turn up at the Nou Camp or somewhere worthy of ur scintillating ability & roll us over in the round of 16 or suttm. God Bless mate 👊🏾🙏🏾 #onceagooneralwaysagooner
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Health is Wealth n all that malark.
Coco Soup bowl is mad tho

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Vegetable Thali & a beer. Glory to TMH each & every time.


Been a while since I've posted anything. Thats my bad, as it aint like there's nothing of note to share. Had to #rp this tho regram
Ahhhhhhh the accuracy 😃


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Bon Voyage to one of my absolute musical heroes, Mr Chuck Berry.

He influenced me enormously when I abandoned the lifeless dross that is the majority of "popular music" and introduced me to The Blues which as an Israelite/African is part of my heritage & identity.

He had the knack of being both hilariously funny & soul stirringly vulnerable, open & even serious.

His music was and still is able to make you smile, ease your woes & compliment your mood in equal measure.
He created musical landscapes and styles which simply did not exist before him and influenced every generation since. He is many peoples favourite artists' favourite artist.
John Lennon famously said " if you tried to give rock & roll another name, you might call it 'Chuck Berry' ". In 2008 'Johnny B Goode' was named *1 in the 100 Greatest Guitar Songs Of All Time.

A musical genius, innovator & legend, is now one of the ancestors.

Thanks for all the memories, inspiration and sound tracking of my life.

90 is a ripe old age Uncle Chuck.

May you rest in perfect peace.

Charles E. A. Berry 1926-2017

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