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New hair wrap. Four years since I had the last one done. Underneath it is a braid that become a dread from the hair wrap @ahlaluna made me when I first met Dennis and I was moving out of the house her and I shared together. Everything was changing. We sat on the beach and she braided my hair and wrapped it in string and I braided hers but sucked at the wrapping part so I only did half and she finished the rest. And then we hugged goodbye and it was the hardest thing. I was so happy but I couldn’t stop crying because even though it was the beginning of everything it was the end of so much. A part of my life was over and I knew it. I left my best friend to go be with my boyfriend on some island I didn’t know but it was more than that. I got on a plane and started a whole new life and four years later I cut that hair wrap off on a whim. No reason. Just like that. A few weeks later @ahlaluna crashed her car and died and everything broke. She still had hers. I remember thinking how strange it was that I cut out a small piece of her right before she died. Like I was unconsciously untangling us so that I would have even a sliver of a chance of surviving her death. I felt guilty for cutting mine off. She was cremated with hers.
I had the same hair braided and wrapped after the funeral and I have kept it ever since.
It’s a weird thing. Those same roots are still wrapped and underneath the string is a braid that has become a giant dread but it’s hair that grew from a place that ties us together. Today the woman who re-did it for me cut the old string off and I held the end of the braid for a long time thinking how strange it is that it’s the same hair I had when she died. Shit happens and it changes us and sometimes we have to cut pieces of or hearts out and also some of our hair off just to be able to breathe. But it keeps growing, heart and hair all the same. In a way... Everything remains.
I thought I chose a piece of onyx for the end of the wrap but it turned out to be an obsidian which was even better.
I miss her. So fucking much.
It never gets easier.


Saw sea lions. LIFE IS MADE. I want to hug them so bad!!! Wishing baby and Dennis were here. Funnest day on the water - thank you @paradisebound_yachtcharters and @ritzcarlton for taking us out for my sisters birthday⛵️❤️ Btw, this entire outfit was $15 total. Vintage shopping in this town is🔥🔥🔥 ! About to bike down the boardwalk and get a tattoo. Hopefully! Any suggestions for best tattoo artist in Venice area? Guess what I’m getting...🤔😍 (it’s a pretty big one!) .

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Today I’m dancing with joy because it’s FINALLY HERE! So happy that my podcast with @seal is out❤️ This episode is magic... I can honestly say that I don’t think I’ve ever spoken to a more positive person in my entire life. @seal is genuine, so joyful and speaks all the truth. We talk about the three major changes he’s recently made (one of them involves never shaking peoples hands!) and how they completely changed his life, how fatherhood moves him every day and how we can change the world through empathy and compassion. And much more. Listen in now! Link in bio or do to rachelbrathen.com for all podcast providers☀️ Share a screenshot of the podcast as you listen and caption it with your favorite part of the show tagging #yogagirlpodcast and I’ll make sure to go see it! Love you all. x #podcast #seal #yogagirl #yogagirlpodcast #fromtheheart #happiness #gratitude #life


LA-cruising! Vintage stores and green juice and French toast and good coffee and family time and traffic. All in all, a pretty regular LA day☺️ Off to dinner with @jenpastiloff and @snowpatrol (also sort of a regular day in this town)💃🏼 Happy day! (and yes this shirt says PETTY)😂 #la #travel #happyhappyday


Los Angeles... Let’s go!!!! ✈️☀️🙂 . . .

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Me when I do something totally insane like book a flight to Los Angeles leaving TOMORROW to hang out with @snowpatrol and @teddysphotos 😜😳😇😅😍 AHMAGAD THIS IS SO NUTS! @jenpastiloff you are the literal definition of magic. This woman seriously manifests absolutely everything. FOLLOW HER IF YOU ARENT ALREADY!!!! Ok, LA. I’m bringing my sister (aka the biggest @teddysphotos fan of all time and yes we are definitely going to hug him and not cry at all lol) and we are staying until Sunday. A trip-trip! To have fun! Yay. Yay. Wild. And yay. SEE YOU SOON! x #lastsecondtrip #craziness #travel #life


🌵 The cacti in Aruba bloom with the light of the moon. Just like me🌸☺️ When they grow too tall, they break and fall and set new roots in the point of impact. How magical is that? I just found out that this massive one behind me easily could be over 100 years old! Such resilience. And beauty. I love this desert landscape so much. Couldn’t dream of a more beautiful backyard❤️🌵 .

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Sidekick for life❤️😍 .
. (swipe left for her “okay but are we gonna eat soon though?”-face)😂 PS tantrum phase ended! We are back to sunshine. Let’s see how long it lasts😇 #holymotherhood #lealuna #toddler #motherhood #besties #bestfriends #bff #happiness #joy #friends #mother #daughter #gratitude #life


Mantra of the day: Everything I want is on its way. .

Everything I’m looking to create is already in motion. It’s been manifested. The question is not how can I create, build, plan, overcome... But how can I allow myself to receive. To trust. To know I’m worthy of a good life. .
. .
I want to start a children’s initiative that changes lives - for real. I want to hold my next book in my hands, published. I want a retreat center dedicated to people healing from trauma. I want an organic garden with fresh veggies. I want a global expansion of my brand that makes a difference in the world. And at the end of the day... I want to feel at peace with where I am. I want to go to bed knowing my family is safe and healthy and that I already have absolutely everything I’m ever going to need.
What do you want? What are you looking to manifest? SPEAK IT OUT LOUD. Share it in the comment section. Ready - set - go. Tag a friend to manifest your dreams with❤️ #dream #manifest #changetheworld #seva #service #abundance #universe #spirit #trust #be #practice #yoga #yogagirl #yogaeverydamnday #paradise #summer #swim #sunshine #love



Here is the single best thing you can do if you’re looking for purpose in life: be of service to others. There are so many ways to help people in need. And trust me; they are all around you.
We visited the biggest orphanage on the island this week. The weekend after next I am attending a 3-day conference on child abuse. One of the workshops is named Child Abuse and Murder by Parents and there are lectures I’ll be sitting in on that have descriptions that make the hairs stand up in the back of my neck. I’m absolutely dreading it. And yes, I could be spending the weekend lounging by the pool - I don’t have to do this. I could send someone to go in my place. I could be of service in other ways. I could choose to donate to existing organizations and hope that it sticks. But here is the thing: to make a real change you have to do the work. You have to learn. Educate yourself. Get into the gritty stuff. And the hard truth is that the child abuse that takes place in the country where I live has been swept under the rug for so many years that there isn’t even reliable data on the topic. I’ve read articles that say 1 in 5 children suffer from physical or sexual abuse. Another said 1 in 3. During our visit to the orphanage I asked what would happen if they had facilities twice as large and with twice the manpower. “It would fill up right away”. .

I’m dedicated to finding out what the situation truly looks like. Dismantling the root cause of this suffering. And helping as many children as we can. I am only one person but there are 20 times as many people following me in social media that there are actually living in Aruba. I don’t know where this will all take us but I know this: if we end up making a difference for one single child it will all be worth it.
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The most beautiful breakfast. In my favorite place.
The podcast is out and in today’s episode I talk about that side of us that wants to pull us out of alignment - you all know what I mean! It’s that little voice that whispers “just one more episode” when you’ve already watched 3 episodes of your favorite show on Netflix and before you know it it’s 1am and you’ve missed out on a peaceful nights sleep and the ability to get up early to start the day right. It’s the voice that urges you to drink one more glass of wine, finish the entire pint of ice cream, that keeps you in relationships that don’t serve you and that hits the snooze button again and again and again. For me, these seemingly small things are what bring me completely out of alignment and in this weeks episode of the podcast I share how I’ve lost my early mornings to late night Netflix and how it’s SO DAMN HARD TO GET OUT OF. What brings you out of balance? What do you have “just one more” of and how does it impact your life on a larger scale? I talk about moment in my life where I’ve been super unhealthy and how when I’m tired or over worked, these patterns start sneaking their way back in. I also give tips on how to turn it all around, to make decisions that keep us well aligned and lead a lifestyle that fuels us and lights us up from within. Link in bio to listen! Or go to rachelbrathen.com for all podcast providers. Happy Friday😊 #yogagirlpodcast #fromtheheart #yogagirl #smoothiebowl #breakfast #yoga #life #yogaeverydamnday