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Sunday morning. Daddy’s biking. We’re practicing yoga/throwing balls at the dogs/pulling mommy’s hair/throwing tantrums and cuddling all at the same time. A pretty regular morning🤗😬😇 Who else has a toddler that wants to be held and be alone at the same time? TAG A MOM BELOW!😂😂😂 #yogaeverydamnday #motherhood #mom #yoga #toddler #baby #funny #yogagirl #reallife #deepbreaths #love


200 hours of training later... WE MADE IT! Congratulations to each of the 51 beautiful women who graduated the June @island.yoga YTT. I couldn’t be more proud to send each of these gorgeous human beings out into the world to teach! I’m so happy. So happy. So proud. My heart is so full. And I’m so tired. In the best way☺️ Thank you all for giving me the great, great honor of holding this space. For the trust. The hard work. The love. I’ll hold you in my heart... Always. See you later🤗❤️ #itsnotgoodbyeitsseeyoulater #ytt #yogateachertraining #islandyogaytt #islandyoga #sisterhood #sisters #family #yogagirl #yogagirls #transformation #trust #love #practice #gratitude #yogaeverydamnday


This is my yoga. It’s not glamorous. It’s not advanced. It doesn’t involve many sunsets or serene moments in far away places. Most of it takes place here, on my kitchen floor. It’s make-up free. Unfiltered. Surrounded by toys and dogs. It’s a little messy. My mat is covered with crumbles of toast. But I get high fives and kisses and every breath I take is a reminder of the gratitude I hold in my heart for this practice. This life. Yoga. Motherhood.
I wouldn’t trade it for the world❤️ .

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The Inner Critic - part 1💛
In today’s episode of the podcast we talk about the inner critic - that inner judgmental voice at the back of our heads that tells us we can’t. It’s the voice that says we’re not good enough, not thin enough, not smart enough, not beautiful enough. It’s the voice that criticizes, doubts, hates. We all have this voice in the back (or the front) of our heads. For some of us, this voice is so loud it often takes over and leads the way. For some, it’s a voice that comes and goes, perhaps triggered by stress or pressure.
On the flip side of this there is another voice to anchor into. I call it the voice of the inner best friend. If your best friend came to you speaking about herself the way your inner critic speaks to you, how would you respond? The inner best friend is supportive, loving, kind. It’s the voice that tells you that you CAN. That you’re good enough. That you are worthy of love, of friendship, of taking up space. It’s a voice that tells you that you’re beautiful - just the way you are.
My inner critic tells me I’m a bad mom. That I should be more present with my daughter. That she is suffering when I’m at work. It also tells me that I’m not working hard enough - that there is always more to do, to become, to accomplish. It tells me I should be thinner. That I’m not beautiful enough. That I’m unworthy. Unlovable. Anytime I catch myself with that voice I make myself take a deep breath and I look for my inner best friend. And I speak to myself with love. My inner best friend tells me that I am worthy. Lovable. A good mom. A mom who works so, so hard. And that every day, I do the best I can.
Click the link in my bio to hear me and 26 women from different walks of life share heartfelt, vulnerable, real stories about what the inner critic tells us, how to be our very own best friend, and how at the end of the day... We’re not alone. (listen with a box of tissues)❤️ #yogagirlpodcast #fromtheheart #islandyogaytt #selflove #trust #breathe


This bed is getting pretty crowded... (there are two more dogs at our feet!)😍 Rise and shine, everyone - it’s a beautiful day to have a beautiful day!☀️ .
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Cute AF and we know it🤗💛💙❤️💜💚😊 #besties


Long day. Bath tub. (it’s a perfect equation)🛁🌿💦😌 .
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A sea of peace.
So damn lucky to get to do this for a living. I count my blessings every day❤️ Thanks for this time New York! Now, home to baby and YTT. #yogaeverydamnday 📷: @stephanienoritz


THANK YOU NYC! Thank you everyone for coming! Thank you @propelwater for putting together this epic event! Yoga on a rooftop overlooking the Brooklyn bridge was🔥 So much gratitude. Thank you everyone who came, who flew in to take this class(!!), who stood in line to get in, who waited patiently for hugs... And for moving and setting intentions for joy and sharing so much love💕 This class sold out so fast I couldn’t believe it. We were 1,000 in NJ when I was pregnant with Luna and I’d love to find a venue big enough to top that here in the city... And raise funds for @yogagirlfoundation !!! Hit me up with your best suggestions and I’ll be back soon, soon!❤️ I love you all. From the bottom of my heart. Thank you. x #YogaGirl #yogaeverydamnday #yoga #community #LOVE