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The sass I’m getting from this girl right now is out of this world. JUST LOOK AT HER! That face! The hand gesture!😂 She’s her mother’s daughter, that’s for sure... #lealuna #twinsies #toddlerorteenager #motherhood


Rachel Brathen

My plan is to grow my hair down to my knee caps and completely stop shaving my legs so I can braid my leg hair together with my head hair and see what happens. Also, Moscow mules are super fun!!! #drunk


Rachel Brathen

Just put a very cranky baby down for her nap after a morning of hearing “NO” so many times my brain is totally fried. No to breakfast, no to getting dressed, no to going outside, no to watching peppa pig(!!), no to playing with the dogs, no to baking, no to coloring, no to reading a book, just no no no no no. After a while she even started saying no to the things she actually wanted (I ask “do you want some blueberries? and she says “NO!!” as she reaches for the bowl)🙈 Man.⁣

Normally after putting her down I open my computer and get to work, but now I grabbed this book that I’ve been dying to read, put on a bathing suit and laid down by the pool. This, this right here, is what slowing down and taking time off means to me. It’s not putting everything away - it’s giving myself the space to choose. I really love to work. Sometimes it’s exhausting. I really love to be a mom. Sometimes that’s exhausting, too. ⁣

In today’s episode of the podcast I talk about “work-life balance” and if there really is such a thing when work is your life and your life is your work. I talk about listening to my intuition and learning how to give less fucks about what the world thinks of me. I talk about my inner wild woman, and how life is much easier, and more exciting, when I let her take up space. And I talk about raising my daughter to feel confident enough to be exactly who she wants to be in a world that tells her everything but. It’s not easy! I’m conditioned to believe my appearance is the most important thing; that I have to be thin and hairless from the waist down and pretty and made up and put together. And if I show up for myself with that kind of expectation, that’s what she’ll see as she grows older. Well. I fucking hate shaving my legs. I don’t want to do it. I don’t want to be this perfect idea of what the world says a woman has to be. I feel done, with it all. And slowing down and giving myself this sort of space... It’s bringing me closer to something goddamn amazing. ⁣

Well. Tune in if you want to listen. Fingers crossed this baby sleeps for at least two hours so I can really dive into this book. And this pool. ⁣

It’s a beautiful day, after all. x


Rachel Brathen

Morning meditation.


Rachel Brathen

“Hallo mamma?? Hallo? Why are you upside down?”⁣⁣⁣
Every day with her feels like a handstand on this beach... ⁣⁣⁣
(except for moments like this morning when she wailed off the top of her lungs for five straight minutes like the world had ended because we ran out of blueberries)🙄😂⁣⁣⁣

#motherhood #handstand #LOVE


Rachel Brathen

Do we fart in front of each other? What annoys us the most about the other? Who is the reacher and who is the settler in the relationship? What’s the grossest thing we know about each other?And - How much time in a day does Dennis actually spend talking about 💩? Tune in for a deeply awkward and hilarious Q&A with @dennisfromsalad about all the embarrassing things. Link in bio or search Yoga Girl on YouTube - don’t forget to subscribe!!!❤️😂🙈 #farts #poop #marriage


Rachel Brathen

when things feel dark... step into the light🧡 (my day got a lot better) (thank you) (thank you) (thank you)


Rachel Brathen

Feeling so unbelievably low today. Just can’t seem to pull myself up. I have no energy. None. I feel like a deflated balloon. I want to move my body but I can’t. My head feels like it’s full of lead. My mind is so busy telling me the most negative stories about how nothing is going well and everything is bad and I’m failing failing failing. I’m just so. low. So tired. Want to sleep but can’t. Want to wake up but can’t. I feel like I’m at the bottom of the ocean. Everything is heavy.

Why? I don’t know. I don’t know. Will I wake up feeling like this tomorrow? I hope not. Everything is fleeting. That I know. But today, this is what I have.
So. That’s me right now. How are you?
Sharing this photo because she is so beautiful (and naked in all the Instagram appropriate angles). There is nothing better than a naked baby playing in the sunshine. It makes me think... I want to be a naked baby playing in the sunshine! I want to be a toddler - cry when I want to, yell at the top of my lungs, draw with crayon on the tile floor, throw my food at the table, get really dirty all the time and not care and be grumpy and happy and all of everything at the same time. I want someone to make me all my food and draw me baths and tell me when to go to bed and watch over me all the time so that I’m safe.
I guess today... I just really, really, really don’t want to be an adult🙈 #life


Rachel Brathen

Whatever wounds we have inside will continue to create more of the same triggers in our lives until we’ve had a chance to heal them. It’s part of the genius that is this universe and the intelligence of our souls... Every time we find ourselves in a similar place, a place that hurts the same, where we feel abandoned in the same way or betrayed or stepped on or taken advantage of or made small... Its an opportunity to get to the root of why we experience these similar problems and feel these similar things, again and again. Everything can be traced back to our childhood and moments of trauma and loss we’ve experienced in our lives, large or small. If the wound is big, we lead with it. We show up in the world from that pain and unconsciously, we create situations that trigger it. We perpetuate the endless cycle of separation and time and again we’ll find ourselves faced with things that resemble the struggles we have had so many times before. We self sabotage. Leave people before they leave us. Shut ourselves off from others. Pretend that we’re ok when we’re everything but.
Hitting a low place can be a huge blessing. But we have to react differently than we have in the past. We need to learn how to sit with pain rather than escape it. And to do that, we need tools. Support. A safe space.
I’ve been there. This kind of inner work, this kind of healing, completely changed my life. Saved my life.
Join me in February, March or April for a heart healing experience together with people who seek the same thing. We all want to feel whole. We all want to feel like we belong. Me, the same. That’s why I do this work; it’s why I teach, it’s why I study. Every group I lead heals me a little bit, too.
Go to www.yogagirl.com/attend for more information about all 2019 healing retreats and programs. If Aruba and Costa Rica is too far, join our community group on Facebook - it’s free. We share our hearts there every day. x #healing


Rachel Brathen

If we keep this up it looks like we’ll be ready for the swim Olympics by next week!😂🏊‍♀️🛁 (swipe to the last video to see how I use the pool noodle to teach her how to swim!) she loves these swim goggles so much she threw the tantrum of the week when i took them off😅 next step is learning how to close our mouths when we swim under water (which is hard when you’re smiling the whole time) #swimming #21months #lealuna


Rachel Brathen

There are some moments that extend into forever. This is one of them. She walked this whole long staircase down to the beach, one step at a time, and when it was time to go back up she ran ahead of me, wanting to climb on her own. I let her. I let her do a lot of things. I find that the more I trust her, the more cautious she is. She pushes the dining chairs across the room so she can climb up to the kitchen island and help me cook. She sits on the edge of the pool, making waves with her feet. She helps me light the candles, carefully blowing out the match each time and each time exclaiming; “WOW!!!” - like, “I did that!”. I let her walk on her own, climb on her own, explore on her own. Sometimes she looks at me like I’m the little one; like she is waiting for me to figure everything out and catch up with her. ⁣

Well. We walked this long, steep staircase up from the beach. It’s called 1,000 steps, this beach, but I think it’s more like 100. About halfway she stops abruptly. First I worry; did she hurt herself? Is she ok? She tilts her head back and for the longest time she stays like that, just standing there, looking up and out into the distance. I catch up, thinking she’s seen an airplane or a bird or something. Or maybe she is tired, waiting for me to carry her. “What is it baby?” I ask. She looks at me with big round eyes. “THE SKY!!” she says, as if she’s just announced the most mind-blowing thing. “THE SKY!”. She points to the golden sky above us, eyes glittering. THE SKY! She says it like that, in big, loud letters, as if she’s made the discovery of the century and come across something remarkable, magical, barely real. I look up. It’s the most beautiful sunset I’ve seen all year. I was so immersed in making sure she didn’t fall I missed it. She looks at me, still pointing her little finger at the beauty above. “Himmel”, she says. Sky. We look up. It IS remarkable. Magical. Barely real. ⁣
Just like her. ⁣

As the clouds turn a shimmering, cotton candy pink, I turn to look at her.
I’m still looking at her.⁣

That sky. This moment. If she only knew: the way I feel about her is how she feels about everything beautiful. ⁣


Rachel Brathen

Jumping away from all my responsibilities like...😋☺️😅 In today’s episode of the podcast I talk adulting (ugh), having to manage responsibilities, the 20-years old me vs the 30-year old me, instagram stealing my peace, “influencers” charging people money to answer messages, maternity leave, oneness and why on earth I’m home doing the dishes all of a sudden. It’s a fun episode! Link in bio or search Yoga Girl everywhere you get podcasts😇❤️ #yogagirlpodcast #fromtheheart #truth