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Beautiful inside and out ❣️


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Stronger together


A new life you are going to start and the oxygen of this life is your hard work. As you long you give your best, the life gets its desired success and when you give up, the life will be there. Don’t look behind and go ahead.


Strong women out there! We salute you.


Some days we find ourselves overwhelmed. Work, relationships, family, life in general. Some days it feels so heavy we cant find our breath. We are not here to pretend everyday will be butterflies and rainbows.
We don’t know who on this page might just be needing that extra strength to take the next step forward. But we promise you, YOU ARE NOT ALONE.
Have you been there? What did you do? What was the best advice you got to help you move forward? Let’s share as a community to grow together.


Practicing yoga has made me _____________

We wanna hear how yoga has helped you grow. Share your experience with us by commenting on this post. Lets inspire!


The most beautiful discovery true friends make is that they can grow separately without growing apart.


Oneness doesnt mean sameness

Yoga Lab is committed to your growth. Both on and off the mat. Like a friend, we want to be able to walk the journey with you. We might not have the answers to all that life presents us with but we will take this journey with you.


Join Erica @ericatenggarayoga for a weekend intensive this April.
Let's get "lost in yoga" by working the mind, body and heart into a 4 hour practice. Where one hour usually only has time to encompass the asana portion of the yoga practice, 4 hours will give us time to practice, evaluate & cultivate a more in depth practice that goes just beyond the physical.
Each day we will cover;
Meditation, Pranayama, Chanting, Asana (Hatha & Restorative), Yoga Nidra & Yoga discussion

Day 1: Grounding Down (Lower Body)
In this session we work the feet, legs, hips & lower torso to equally stretch & strengthen the part of our bodies that we use so much but often take for. We will discuss and practice alignment awareness to input technique into our bodies & minds in preparation for finding flight in arm balances.

Day 2:
Looking up, backwards & upside down backwards can be terrifying but also liberating. Technique & awareness is key and is the underlying foundation to a more peaceful practice.
In this session we will focus on back bends & inversions by finding the balance between stretching & strengthening to find freedom in our spines with the strength of our minds.

14&15 April
830am - 1230pm $90 - 1 day $150 - 2days
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