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Do you dare to be a Yogi Bare?Check out our Open Hearts Club in our tagged photos ❤️


Way to go little flamingo! @lancuks_yoga rocking Yogi Bare Wild Paws. Super light, eco friendly, ultra grip. Did you know for every Wild Paws sold we are planting a tree with Hometree? 🌲 #daretobeayogibare


Build your future, your way, however that may look. And for extra support - we got you! Yogi Bare blocks - each as unique as your practice. @carolineanneyoga our pink dream 💕 #daretobeayogibare


Bow down to your inner goddess. @belle_robertss X Yogi Bare PAWS: ultra grip, ultra eco, ultra badass #daretobeayogibare


Enzo Ferrari said what’s behind you doesn’t matter. We say it’s what’s beneath you that counts. That’s why @equinox @ferrari @designmuseum teamed up with Yogi Bare to practice on the supreme grip of out PAWS mats for an incredible yoga class with @adamhusler followed by a private view of the Ferrari exhibition’s final weekend - check it out if you can today! #daretobeayogibare
With thanks to @clairepeppep @vj_ellison


Only those who dare truly live. Yogi Bare is proud to line the floors of the @design_museum_london with our Ferrari Red PAWS mats for @equinox yoga with the incredible @adamhusler for @ferrari Final few tickets via Design Museum website. #daretobeayogibare


Snap, crackle, TROP. Make your practice full of summer vibes with our tropical Teddy Mats & Wheels ❤️ #daretobeayogibare


Dream scenes: Yogi Bare filling the space @mortimerhouse with a little pastel, a slice of monochrome & a whole lotta love 💕 #daretobeayogibare


Twisting the issues out of your tissues. We know how good yoga makes us feel, in mind, in body, in heart but sometimes life is naughty & it can be hard to get on the mat. That’s why we try to create Yoga Mats so beautiful & fun - you can’t keep off them ❤️ Pause on Paws #daretobeyogibare


Build yourself up. Yogi Bare yoga blocks. Each as unique as your practice ❤️ #daretobeayogibare


And within her flow, she begun to grow. @steffywhiteyoga X Yogi Bare Wild Paws. Half the weight of our original PAWS mat, for every Wild .Paws sold we plant a tree with Hometree 🌲 Be the change #daretobeayogibare


There is nothing more incredible than finding a home within your own body and heart. Here’s to the rebels. Here’s to those who dare to be. Here’s to the Yogi Bare’s - you have a home forever here. ❤️ #daretobeayogibare


|| YOGA: To yoke, to unify. || A week of moments beyond words with some of the strongest, most inspirational women I have been lucky enough to touch my ❤️ @catmeffan and her big old heart created a platform for kindness and openness like nothing I’ve ever felt in the magic of @casafuzetta. This might look like a circle just as yoga may look like a stretch but it’s so much more than meets the eye. Here’s to an infinite connection, an unbroken circle. I’ll be seeing you ❤️ All on Yogi Bare Paws RED #daretobeayogibare


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