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📣Attention guys📣 Proudly would like to announce that IFBB pro and coach @hassan_bond will be my prep. Coach for the next seasons, we are preparing for a whole new shape with much bigger size and more symmetry that will surprise the whole world
Stay tuned guys for the new transformation😉🤙🏼


طب اهو يا محمد صلاح 😁🤙🏼


📣Attention guys make sure to read this 📣
He helped me a lot since I started my fitness career 3 years ago, we have been through a lot of ups and downs together, we surprised the whole world with what we can do in just a few months, we brought 4 international trophies home together and a world champ title, we showed the whole world what Egyptians can do on the stage 🏆

You’re not just a coach, you’re a real brother and inspiration to me and I will never really forget what we have achieved together and one day I will tell our story to my kids and I’m sure that they will be so motivated, inspired and proud.

Thank you so much my coach, brother and my best friend for everything ❤️ Today was my last day in Team Kamal and this team will always be in my heart❤️ #TeamKamal #ForeverInMyHeart #ThankYou #Brother


Such a pleasure to be invited by Jumia Egypt’s CEO Mr @heshsafwat to attend @jumiaegypt 6th anniversary celebration with my old family and friends.

I have learned a lot in this place in the past year and will always be my favorite home ❤️ #jumia #jumiaegypt #6thanniversary


Happy 4th of July America 🇺🇸


Yesterday was a really tough night for me, ended up in the hospital after having a killer stomachache, dizziness and headache, feeling a bit better now elhamdullah.
Will take some rest and will be back to my normal life very soon.
Thank you everyone for your amazing messages, appreciate that a lot ❤️
امبارح كان يوم صعب جداً الحمد لله، وجع رهيب في البطن و ترجيع و صداع و دوخه طول الليل، اتنقلت المستشفي بعدها و طلع تلوث و نزله معويه حاده، الحمد لله حاسس احسن بكتير دلوقتي بس لازم اخد كام يوم راحه و بعد كده ارجع اتمرن تاني.
شكراً جداً للرسايل اللي جاتلي منكم و دعواتكم ❤️


Focus!! Who said it’s going to be easy?

It’s very hard and sometimes it may seem impossible but trust me you can do it.
You can make all your dreams come true, you can build your own empire, you can live in the economic level you want to reach, you can reach your dreams.
Just keep working hard and focus on goals every single day, believe in yourself more than anything else, have faith in god and trust him because god is always leading you to your best direction.


Always making sure to use natural products in my diet, that’s why @fitnutscairo is my favorite peanut butter 🍯

#Fitnuts #fitnutscairo #teamfitnuts


13 years of strong friendship, it’s really hard to find a good person to trust these days and we’re always doing our best to keep this bond strong even if we don’t meet for months.
Happy birthday brother, wish you a very successful year ❤️😘 @adamoamin


Supporting my country Egypt 🇪🇬 #worldcup #egypt