Join @connorfranta at the GLSEN #RespectAwards on our Instagram Story tonight 🏆

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On Friday, @zendaya was given the @glsenofficial Gamechanger Award, presented by none other than @connorfranta. They’re here with Marisa, a member of GLSEN’s National Student Council. 🌈
On presenting the award, Connor said: “It’s nights like this one that remind me how fortunate the world is to have organizations like GLSEN that create safe spaces for countless young people — like Marisa and the others here tonight — to simply and complexly be their beautifully unique selves each and every day in schools across the country.” ❤️ This year the award goes to Zendaya for her incredible dedication to using her voice for positive change. These are the people creating change for the people who need it most, and we are eternally grateful for their never-ending fight for what’s right. ✨


Little @ddlovato might be the cutest thing you'll see all week. Watch on her YouTube channel to see these throwback clips for the first time! #SimplyComplicated


You have two weeks to pick the perfect pool float to watch #FoursomeShow with. Season 3 comes to YouTube Red on 11/1.


It's time to give back. Watch how @ddlovato explored the beauty of Kenya and helped this community on her YouTube channel!


One last look at some of the incredible creators from the #YouTubeBlack Creator Summit. 😍


What a day it’s been! Here are some highlights from the #YouTubeBlack Creator Summit. Keep a lookout on our story to see what your favorite creators get up to tonight.

The Anthem

From amazing meet-ups with fans, to emotional performances and HILARIOUS sketches, #YouTubeBlack FanFest at @howard1867 has been a night to remember. Hit the link in our bio if you want to follow along LIVE and peep behind the scenes on our story!

Howard University

Get to know the real Demi. @ddlovato's new documentary #SimplyComplicated is now on YouTube!


We gave @hiryanhansen a show even though he has little name recognition. That’s how much we trust him.

lol jk we don’t, but we love @whododatlikedat so watch #RHSolvesCrimes on YouTube Red on 10/25.


This is Jenny Lorenzo, a Cuban-American cosplaying creator from Miami whose “Abuela” impersonation and other crazy characters will have you rolling on the floor laughing in both Español and Inglés. Jenny is also an award winning producer, actor and internet personality with recurring roles on multiple shows including “We Are Mitu” and BuzzFeed’s “Pero Like.” Add to that a heavy dose of theater and film experience and you have one well-rounded creator!

Hit the link in our bio to see her work and subscribe to her channel! #regram #HispanicHeritageMonth


Joy to the Internet! Another episode of #EllenShowMeMore is now on YouTube.