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“What you think, you believe. What you believe, you create.”

Imma keep it real. No matter how many teams I’ve led, it’s scary to create for a new team, especially a team that’s doing a style that’s not my forte. You see, I’m not a House dancer and I humbly say I’m the least qualified to lead a team of one. It was a huge risk but a voice spoke to me and I listened.

I simply had this idea - to elevate the SG House scene and push it to the mass. Social media, battles or jams wasn’t enough. So to me, @super24sg was perfect for that. Why? Imagine one team with 24 dancers multiply by 2 (if a dancer brings 2 supporters) and multiply that by the number of teams do the math. Anyway...

Little did I know that this simple idea had something more in it. It created opportunities. It connected people. It created new memories. It tightened bonds. It changed perspectives. And the most precious to me, it reignited the fire that was dying in some of them. Being in this game for 16 years, no medal or a top placing can top this feeling. In a fast paced society, losing something can be as fast as we gain it. So I’ve learned how to appreciate the process.

Of course, it’s nice to qualify/win something and get recognized for your efforts in a competition but if you’re driven just by that, what will happen to you if there’s no more competition? Will you stop putting in effort when there’s no one watching? Just something to think about 💭

Thank you #FullHouseS24 for showing me there’s more to dance than trophies and medals! And also, for believing in this idea. Despite the slight detour, keep going! Detours are there not to stop you. It lets you discover other ways to reach your goals. One day, we’ll get there together. 🙏🏽

To those who genuinely cheered, showed your support (through texts and verbally) and believed in us since we started, THANK YOU! We appreciate it. Your energy means so much to us!

Finally, congrats to all the Finalists! Time to compete with the bigger cats. Represent harder!


Yesterday I took a risk and taught my “Whisky” choreo at the camp. If you haven’t seen that combo, peep it here #zaiwhiskycombo!

I say “risk” because the combo was intended for slightly advanced dancers with some level of maturity. As you can see from the photo, most of them are kids BUT don’t be fooled man! These kids blew me away 🤯 Usually when kids dance, they make me go 😍 BUT.........these kids......they made me go 😱🤯!

They got in the zone. They danced. They told their story. It makes a difference to the combo when it’s done with good foundation and technique dancing 📚🧠 These Indo kids are not playing man!

Thank you everyone for taking and sharing the good vibe! I wished I had more time with you. Till the next one. In sha Allah! 🙏🏽



I taught EYEsolation and a magic trick in this class recently. Can you see it? 👁️🕴🏻

Musicality for this is challenging even for me. It isn’t about hitting all the beats but rather making choices that makes sense to convey a message or concept.

Anyway, this class was too much fun to teach! Couldn’t be possible without those who came. It’s cool to see how other dancers interpret my combo while still keeping the integrity of it. Thank you for sharing your stories with me!

See you guys when I’m back from my trip! Will be in Indo and NYC from today till the 25th. In the meantime, stay healthy and happy! ✌🏽

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Looking forward to reconnect with friends at @streetvolution and make new ones!




“For me, insanity is super sanity. The normal is psychotic. Normal means lack of imagination, lack of creativity.” - Jean Dubuffet

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I still can’t believe it. In 2013, I had a convo with @jjskittl3s about BEING in a House team for @super24sg and 5 years later, I’m LEADING one!

This wouldn’t have happened without these dancers for they have inspired me in many ways. Quick shoutout to:
@nastydrills #HouseHeadz #SHU

Of course, thankful for this team...from day 1, they’ve grown tremendously! All 24 of them! They truly showed me that it ain’t really about the skills. Just pure dedication and good vibes! Yes we’re working towards our goal but deep inside we know no matter what, we do it because we love it!

Couldn’t have done this without @springm3lon too! Such a cool fella to work with. We had minor clashes with ideas (it’s normal) but we discussed and resolved them quick because ultimately, wne have the same vision. This can only happen when you work with someone who is experienced. First time working with him but I hope it’s not the last! 5 more days. LET’S FREAKING DO THIS #FULLHOUSES24! 🏠


“Replace fear with curiosity.” - Steven Spielberg

I usually think about what I’m gonna do in my round. You know, one of those “Question/Reply” thingy. So instead of being concerned about those, I just decided to let my curiosity take over. I’ve always wondered “what if I just do one or two moves and keep doing it again and again during my round?”

Winning or losing didn’t matter to me. What matters is if I dare to go against the normality.

🎥: @rpprods
🎪: @openconceptofficial by @nicchunglow
🎧: @dj.psyk (Thanks for the challenge!)

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From idols to friends, he definitely has a part to play in my dance life. Just wanna share a little story (and some fun facts) about how we connected - I really hope you local peeps take some time to check the link because it’s good to know and acknowledge our own people and their history as we’re heading forward.

#knowledgeisPOWER #knowOURhistory #singapore

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“A tree is only as strong as it’s roots”

We used to rock the scene years ago and now we’re on different paths but no matter how much or how far we branch out, we still go back to our roots. A place where we can kick it like old times.

We are Styles From Beyond, established since 2001. We still here. We never left. 💪🏽 #stylesfrombeyond #knowyourhistory


Dancing with one of my favorites @lumleelumlum in my recent class!

So rare to hear a fellow teacher who wants to know what goes in my 🧠 and understand my musicality. Who would go the extra mile to understand someone’s musicality? So this means a lot! And from someone with a deep sense of musicality and improvisation, I think she’s definitely getting there!

Check out our improv at the end! Usually I see dancers throw moves but not really connecting. Here you can see Lum wasn’t focusing on that. She’s just focusing on staying connected. Also, the way she does it is beyond what I imagined. She knows when to LEAD and when to LISTEN. If you enjoy the way she moves, let’s give her a 🙌🏽. She teaches Dancehall every Thursday 8:30pm @oschoolofficial!

Also check out @oschoolofficial for clips with the other dancers with THEIR OWN INTERPRETATION!

🎥: @masagosiskandar
🎵: @marianhillmusic - Whisky

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“Great things are not done by impulse, but a series of small things brought together.”

This was truly unexpected. Years of experience and understanding our movements enabled us to present this idea/concept. Yet, we’re still a work in progress.

Choreographed routine or not, hard work and sacrifices are involved. What matters is your direction and intentions are clear, be patient and do your best to present it.

Congrats to all dancers who participated! By participating, you are supporting the space that was given to us, for us to do the things that we don’t usually do. I’m sure we all have inspired those who watched 💡

📸: @rpprods
⚖️: @girlinboxers @marzipansgd @aminalifin (Thank you for appreciating our work!)