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Like my talented friend and fellow Aussie @cj_hendry - who created this powerful piece of art - I have seen the important change that effective gun laws can have on a nation. Yet today I reside in the USA, a place where I can not vote and have limited rights, living with the same risk of being gunned down in a library, a supermarket, a subway station, a concert - just like any other citizen. In Australia we don't see the scale of mass slaughter present in here - and this is because of certain laws that act as safeguards, preventing weapons from unnecessarily flooding our nation on a mass scale. Like many liberally minded, I am not at all opposed to responsible gun ownership. My own father is a licensed gun owner on our farm in Australia. There, if you want a gun, you can have one, just be accountable. It's so frightening that politicians in this country can have their decisions bought and paid for by the NRA. Change is urgent because all citizens are fallible, laws must be created to protect us from ourselves and the appalling glut of guns fettered through the population. Thinking of the students today at Santa Fe Highschool and all those kids at schools who deserve to live without fear. #gunlawsnow #vote


Shouting out @elianagilrodriguez today - for raising her voice in the name of so many worthwhile causes and looking fab AF in doing so. If you're not following her, you're late to the party.


The second part of my new work with @uniqlousa x Tomas Maier - this time sharing my two favorites from the collection, a terry wonder duo, hoodie and shorts. I'm planning on wearing these to death this summer - catch me upstate or in Montauk in my new uniform. A big thank you to @uniqlousa and Tomas Maier for inviting me to create these images for you! #UniqloUSA #TomasMaierxUniqlo #UniqloPartner You can take a look at the rest the collection through the link in my bio. The collection launches online Thursday 5/17 at 9PM EST, and in-store on 5/18. ☀️


Nothing like a surprise package from @chloegosselin and @marthalouisa_ to shine some light on a gloomy afternoon! Though my little man is surely doing his part to cheer me up too. Is it my birthday?! So grateful for this delightful gift ❤️ Now can this rain kindly rack off so I can parade these satin beauties... 🌧️🙅‍♀️👠


I'm sharing my favorite looks from @uniqlousa’s collection with Tomas Maier, the creative director of Bottega Veneta and his own eponymous label. The collection is summer ease personified - right up my alley in terms of comfort meets unique detail. These pics are also my excuse to mention my new hobby/obsession - the ukulele! A birthday present from my boyfriend, I've already learnt so many songs you might catch me busking on the NYC streets in no time. Let this collaboration be prophecy 😘 #UniqloUSA #TomasMaierxUniqlo #UniqloPartner Meanwhile - you can take a look at the rest the collection through the link in my bio. The collection launches online Thursday 5/17 at 9PM EST, and in-store on 5/18 🎉🎉🎉


YOU BODEGA NOT FORGET ME 🌺😍😘 #ootd #tommyhilfiger


The rose pink hair that keeps on giving - It's a spring time miracle! 🌸🍥🍡🌹🌺❤️ Proud to be part of the @moroccanoil #ColorCompleteCollective - especially considering my new hue keeps on giving after 7/8 washes with their Color Continue shampoo and conditioner. It really works! 😍


Worth shaving your legs for ☀️ #hothothot


Sharing some of my recent post for @moroccanoil and their new Color Continue Shampoo and Conditioner. I recently went rose pink and as I post this I’ve washed it multiple times - yet the colour hasn’t really even budged! It’s incredible, typically I see a notable fade wash to wash after any attempt on vibrant colour - so I’m super proud to stand behind @moroccanoil on this. My hair is a dream! Don’t miss the full post and editorial live on #ColorCompleteCollective #CompleteYourColor


Success is liking yourself, liking what you do, and liking how you do it. - Maya Angelou


F R I Y A Y!! #TBT #MINORCA #2013


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