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Travel photographer @ed_norton, considers himself a visual researcher with the hope to inspire you to travel and to give you a little insight into how others live. On LENSPIRE (link in bio), Ed shares with you what he deems to be the seven most important qualities you need for travel photography.


Just over ten years ago, when ZEISS ambassador @ed_norton was waiting at the airport to board his flight to Australia, he was completely unaware of how much that trip would change his life. 🌏 Down Under, he found two new passions that totally engulfed him. Travel and photography. On LENSPIRE (link in bio), Ed discusses the seven most important qualities you need for travel photography.


Exploring North Bali during the rainy season – challenge accepted! 💪 The Indonesian island is known for its volcanic mountains, rice paddies, coral reefs, and fantastic beaches. A paradise for travel photographers, but also during the wet season? 💧 On LENSPIRE (link in bio), you can follow Yudy Zukara (@yudyimages) and his gear on his challenge and see by yourself!


Whether in an impressive metropolis or outside in the wilderness – beauty is everywhere. You just have to discover it. And that's the mission of artists. For them, we created #ZEISSDiscoverWeeks. Visit our website (link in bio) and save up to EUR 300 on the list price of selected ZEISS wide-angle lenses from 15th June to 31st July 2018 and discover beauty wherever you want. 📸 by Tobias Brandstetter and Bastian Kratzke


🐝 You can almost hear them buzzing! @amy_cyphers loves to photograph her tiny friends. On LENSPIRE (link in bio), she provides some tips on how to help bees thrive. You will also learn why the ZEISS Touit 2.8/50M is her first choice even when it comes to portraits. 📷


Shooting the night sky is by far the greatest challenge for any lens and camera system because they need to capture small bright spots on a dark background. ⭐️📷 On LENSPIRE, our optics expert explains which lens is best-suited for astrophotography (link in bio).


ZEISS Photography Award winner @nick.hannes is fascinated by the phenomenon of orchestrated urbanization. With Dubai – where he shot his winning series "Garden of Delight" – Nick found the perfect case study for market-driven urbanization. Learn to know Nick and his work in this interview (link in bio) with @krolopgerst.


☁️ belong to the sky as much as ⭐️ do. Nevertheless, the big white giants are much less popular than their sparkling companions. This does not apply to professional photographer Brian Leary. When it comes to Brian, clouds are attractions themselves! On LENSPIRE, you can find inspiring tips for composing your perfect starscape by @lightsourcejourneys, @nico.digio and @loscarnumael (link in bio).


The night sky has something unique and wonderful about it. 🌌 The stars, the Milky Way – everything seems so far away and yet within reach. In our latest article on LENSPIRE you will find tips on how to capture the spectacular night sky with your camera (link in bio).


Look who forgot to bring an umbrella! ☂️ No problem for our robust and weatherproof ZEISS Batis 1.8/85. With the help of optical image stabilization, this lens can be used for hand-held shooting even in poor light conditions during rainy and cloudy weather. 🌧️️ Do you remember the last time you went out for a shoot and weather took you by surprise?


On hand this weekend for testing at Cine Gear Expo in Los Angeles. 🎥Follow us on @zeisscinematography for show coverage and more #cinematography.


In many places of Asia, pre-wedding photo shoots are the norm. 💍 Malaysian photographer @alextanartworks_official makes every effort to bring out the personality of each individual couple. He creates mood boards, looks for suitable shoot locations, and even decides on style and clothing of his clients. Visit LENSPIRE (link in bio) and experience the dramatic and bold style of work, Alex is known for!