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That proud moment we have when we see our students have memorized the choreo. #ProudZIN #ZINLife


Zumba® Instructor Network

Congratulations to this week's #WEDANCE4ALS front row movers. There's still two weeks left to join the movement to find a cure for ALS and earn weekly rewards! Keep inspiring your community to move and donate! 1. @SolFlopi
2. @TimZumbaZIN
3. @Lion.s_hard
4. @esratrgtesra
5. @johannabussi
6. @deryacetgur_zumba
7. @sanjaniksic_nika
8. @letzumba
9. @zumbaiskender


Zumba® Instructor Network

Let's jam! This week, ZIN™ Members have the chance to win a free ZIN™ JAM session. To enter, post your move of the week video with the hashtag #WEDANCE4ALS and tag @zumba + three of your followers.
For details on how to win click here https://bit.ly/2FJAuLR


Zumba® Instructor Network

This week's move is inspired by one of YOUR all-time fav choreos! Get ready to throw your hands up and get movin' to find a cure for ALS. Check out the choreo for "Helicoptero" by B.I.P in ZIN™ Now and put your money where your moves are.


Zumba® Instructor Network

Show us your STRENGTH 💪by rocking fan fav "Helicoptero"! Film it and share your video using #WEDANCE4ALS, then encourage your followers to do the same. Every share counts! We'll donate $1 to Augies Quest* for every share of #WEDANCE4ALS. --------
*For every Instagram post containing a video of participants dancing to the move of the week and including the hashtag #WEDANCE4ALS between 1/3/19- 2/4/19, Zumba will donate $1 to Augie’s Quest (up to a total donation of $25,000).


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In her comprehensive top ten list of tips to stop burnout, ZES™ Donna Giffen, reminds you to take a deep breath, take your “best self” into class, and use your personal power to make students feel welcome! ❤️ Log into the #ZINForum to read the rest of Donna’s amazing #ZINTIPS!


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Save the date the 2019 ZIN™ Convention is back with Beto, over 100 International presenters & over 20 new sessions! 😍😍😍


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#ZINMembers, we are so grateful and so proud to share that, together with you, we have helped build a school in Nepal following a devastating series of earthquakes in 2015. A big thank you to all of the ZINs in Nepal who provided immediate relief, ZES @suchetapal , and @doma.bajracharya for all of your incredible efforts. #WeMoveTheWorld ❤️


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Amp up your cueing and communication skills with our brand new E-Learning course “Cue Like A Pro”! Join Zumba® Education Specialist @steveboedt boedt as he demonstrates different types of cues, how they work with music in class, and how to use them to connect with your students better! 💻 📝
Register now for this amazing immersive E-learning course, exclusively on ZIN™ Now: https://bit.ly/2sugjKk


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Share your goal status frequently on social media, remind your students in class, and remember if you don't ask, you'll never reach your goal. For more helpful tips, check out your Fundraising Tool Kit! #WEDANCE4ALS ✔️Fundraising tip of the day: ➡️Don't be afraid to ask! Share your fundraising progress on social media and remind your students in class. Find these and more tips in this week's tool kit. #wedance4als


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Do you make your presence known or “go incognito” when taking another ZIN™ Members’ class?👋🙋


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Carrying those #livestream vibes with as we start this new week! Hoping your classes are GREAT this week, #ZIN Members! 😎