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Happy 2nd Birthday to the prettiest little girl with the brightest spirit to match. You light our world and every room. We love you so! 💕


trying to ignore the fact that I woke up in a climate 75 degrees colder than yesterday
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Tulum, Quintana Roo

The most thankful to have a partner who makes traveling so easy and fun. Always down to do whatever, see whatever, forces me to eat octopus, making new friends from all over the world. Life w you keeps getting better ♥️

Tulum, Quintana Roo

tuna + toast + tulum

Tulum, Quintana Roo

Josh's family > Josh

Double Arrow Lodge

I will always be grateful for 2017. It was filled with so many ''bigs'' for us. Moving. Josh promoted to engineer. My job with pure barre fulfills me more than I knew I needed. Buying a home. A puppy. Getting married. As wonderful as it was, I am very much looking forward to 2018. Living smaller, slower, simpler. ✨


Happy Birthday to my HUSBAND, my human, my favorite 🖤


one month married to this man wowowowow hubba husband






There are certain times in your life where you are reminded how many amazing, genuine, hard working, true, wonderful souls you have in your life. This past week was one of those times. Josh and I are still overwhelmed by the love and support from our family and friends. It truly takes a village to pull off a dream wedding, and we certainly had a hard working full village. Hearing speeches and kind words spoken from Thursday - Sunday was certainly my favorite part. Josh and I spent yesterday opening gifts and cards and we just can't believe how kind and generous people are. From the bottom of our hearts, THANK YOU to everyone who helped us celebrate our day, and thank you to everyone who helped make it go as smoothly as it did. From the vendors, the volunteers, the wedding party, the Chacon's, our family near and far, this would have been impossible without you. Cheers to having a 3 day hangover, a wedding party that now has colds due to dancing until 2am without jackets or shoes, but mostly cheers to being a true Olson- something I've dreamed of for an entire decade. I feel the most honored and loved. #tunaNtoast

Florence, Montana

looking back on the last 6 years with the fullest heart. Happy Wedding Week @tunaman11 💕🥂 #TunaNToast #AlreadyCriedTwiceToday