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Been back at it this week, back in the gym as well as counting macros 💪🏻 I finally pulled myself out of this funk which i've been in for quite a while. Upwards and onwards 😏 #progress #notperfection #flexibledieting #cutting #fitdutchies #iifymgirls #girlswholift


Skwatz 😎 Monday i used 70kg so 72,5kg x 3 today
#squatprogress #girlswholift #fitdutchies #iifymgirls


New shorts from @exoticathletica giving me extra squat strength 😛 70kg/154lbs for 5x3 💪🏻 #girlswholift #fitdutchies #iifymgirls #wannabepowerlifter #squats


100kg x 3 beltless like it's easy nowadays 😎 💯 #training #deadlift #fitdutchies #iifymgirls #girlswholift #wannabepowerlifter


And got a bench of 55kg/121lbs. 💪🏻 I tried 60kg/132lbs for my thrid attempt but failed that one unfortunately.. Better next time 😏 #benchprogess #girlswholift #fitdutchies #iifymgirls #wannabepowerlifter


Hit 82,5kg / 181,5lbs for squats 🤩💪🏻
Thanks @fitness_doit for the fun afternoon 😊🌞
#squatprogress #wannabepowerlifter #iifymgirls #girlswholift


Yes 👊🏻 New squat PR 80kg / 176 lbs
I'm ready for the squat comp next week 😎 💯
#fitness #fitdutchies #iifymgirls #wannabepowerlifter #girlswholift


#tbt (it ain't even thursday)
This pic was taken in february 2017. I was in prepping to compete in bikini. ✨👙💎
Why? Because i tought that would make me happy.
The truth is, i wasn't happy with myself at any point during the process.
I wanted to lose fat because i felt uncomfortable at 160lbs when i started prep.
Little did i know, if i'm not happy with myself overall at 160, i won't be happy at 130 or below either.
I remember seeing this pic or any other progress photo, and i would be picking it apart and point out all my flaws.
Well, i failed miserably at this prep. Not only because i felt so lost, but also because i didn't have the right guidance and things didn't go as planned.
No surprise, but.. I gained all the weight back plus more because i quit the diet... I even knew this whole fitness thing is supposed to be a lifestyle, not a temporary diet.
But what's done is done.
After over a year of struggles i am ready for a new chapter
I remember that after the prep, when summer came, i didn't even want to wear shorts to the gym.
And it was HOT in the gym during summer! I wore long leggings all summer long.
Right now the weather is getting warmer again and i could care less about what i wear to work out in now. If i want to wear shorts, i am going to wear shorts. I wear what is comfortable.
I am accepting myself now.
I want to lose fat again, but for different reasons. I feel ready to do it. I feel happy and confident.
This time i want to do it because:
- i love myself enough to make positive changes in life
- i want to feel energized and healthy
- lowering bf% is not a bad thing, it has some health benefits if it's a tad bit lower and right in the athletic/healthy/normal range
- it's not for a competition but for myself
- i want to set a good, healthy example for my clients
And even though i failed, i accept it and i am moving on. I learned a lot from this experience and i know what to look out for in the future when it comes to fitness.
#fitness #selflove #confidence #acceptance #health #gym #girlswholift #fitdutchies


The best light/protein icecream i've had so far 🤤 Thanks @breyers_belgium for making this happen 👏🏻 with 20 protein, 55 carbs and 10 fat it's the perfect post workout treat for me 😍🍦 #breyersdelights #icecream #IIFYM #flexibledieting #postworkout


My #mancrushmonday goes out to @fitbeardguy 😍 No matter what, he's always there for me 💕 Still going strong after almost 11 years 😊 And he's a sexy beast 💪🏻 #mcm #fitcouple #fitdutchies #fitness #flexibledieting #IIFYM


Bench with 37,5kg for 5x12. Crazy how fast my lifts are improving 💪🏻 #progress #bench #gym #training #girlswholift #fitdutchies