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A fresh hair cut & a bit of smokey liner can turn a grey, rainy day into a fabulous one! I love when @samantha.cusick cuts my hair because not only does she always know what will look best, but I fully trust her to leave me FEELING my absolute best & most confident! I can fully appreciate that going to the hairdressers can often be pretty daunting & intimidating, especially if you know exactly what you want and you aren’t sure it’s going to be delivered that & you could leave feeling disappointed! If you can find that one hair god/goddess that just GETS IT, you’ve basically won the hair lottery, especially when you become friends and your hair sessions turn into catch ups, tea, snacks and plenty of girl chat! Thanks for being the reason I love my hair Sam 💗


Had the most amazing bank holiday weekend & what better way to finish it off than with this handsome chap at a food festival where I ate ALL the churros & drank all the mocktails 💗 This sunny weather brings out the best mood in everyone and I LOVE IT! The air is filled with so much positivity & happiness and I am totally here for it! ☀️


Fields of gold 🌼🌾 Honestly, this warm weather is giving me LIFE, I absolutely love it but it makes me so unproductive because all I want to do is go on walks & bask in the garden, when actually I need to be editing & writing! (I am vlogging though so there’s that) Nala is also having the time of her life & that makes me so happy!
How are you spending your bank holiday weekend?


Just finished another two photoshoot days for #cordiallyinvited which started off with a lovely spring walk with @maddiechester & Nala in the bluebells & ended with Eton mess & burgers on the steps by my back door! Making this book has been really fun & I’m SO excited to see it all come together in the next couple of months before it gets sent off to the printers in time for October 4th! 🤘🏼😌 (link to pre order is in my bio)


Catch ups with @ulae_ are some of my favourite days! 💗 You know those friends you have where time doesn’t exist & even though we don’t get to see each other nearly as much as we’d like, it’s as if time hasn’t passed at all & we’re still the same two people chatting in the fitting rooms in New Look (and no doubt being told off for it, good times) p.s. we used to work together in New Look years ago, we don’t just like to hang out in retail fitting rooms on the weekends😂🤘🏼tag a friend who is this person to you!


Had such a lovely day with @tanyaburr yesterday in the scorching London sunshine! ☀️ She took me to @petershamnurseries which was so idyllic & pretty! We sat and ate lunch & talked about all our future plans & how far we felt we’d both come in the six years of knowing each other! I bloody love this woman, she is so genuine, honest & deeply caring & I’m so glad we both found each other on this crazy career path! 💗☀️ (side note: we also ran around trying to find the perfect plants for Tanya’s garden & almost ended up with a tree that grew to 20ft...we put that back - see second photo) 😂


Had possibly one of the most fun shoots I’ve ever done today! Lots of glitter, shimmer & outfits where I felt like a glitzy version of why bird (that’s a playdays reference for anyone who was not lucky enough to be born in that era...it was a great time for kids tv haha) there were also fun props and pretty back drops, and THE BEST team! I think I will also be covered in glitter for the rest of 2018! I’ve not attempted to get it out of my hair yet (I’m going to nicely ask @pointlessblog to pick it out like a monkey)! I even went for a wee and glitter confetti fell out of my knick-knacks it really does get EVERYWHERE 🙈😂 Hope you’ve all had a nice day today and that you’re enjoying your mid-week evening 🤘🏼 xx


Being in an external office space was something I was so excited to do but also a bit hesitant about as I’m such a “work-from-home” person! I built this career from the comfort of my own space & it’s all I’ve known for years but since moving into the office I already feel so much more productive & working with a bigger team is so rewarding & fun! I mentioned the quote from “The Greatest Showman” in a vlog recently which was “Comfort, the enemy of progress” & I’m applying this into every area of my life at the moment and I’ve never felt happier than I do now! Doing things you’re a bit nervous about generally brings you much more satisfaction when they work out. 🙌🏼☺️ (Nala is also enjoying the office haha)


It’s the weekend & I have no plans! 🤘🏼 (I actually love weekends like that) Think I’m going to film, do a spot of baking, do some editing & continue writing more of Cordially Invited (with some nice sunny breaks in between) ☀️ It’s also the Brighton Marathon tomorrow so good luck to those of you running!! YOU CAN DO IITTTT 💪🏼🏃🏻‍♀️ What are your plans? (I like to know so I can steal some of them for myself) 😉😂


Hope you’re all having a splendid Tuesday so far! There is a new video going up on my YouTube channel in a few hours which is a colossal American haul! (It’s 30 minutes long, have I ever uploaded a video that long on my Zoella channel before?! 🧐) I’m also editing a vlog for tomorrow and writing more for my cordially invited book! I’m still tackling winter as it’s probably the beefiest season in terms of everything I want to share (It’s Christmas after all, I could talk about Christmas for an entire book series) I’m also checking back over my list of everything I want to include, so if there is anything you’d DEFINITELY like me to write about, now is the time to let me know as we start to polish everything off soon! I think I have you all covered so far but you never know, I could be missing something really obvious! 🤔😘 Xx


Hello you gorgeous bunch! How is your weekend going so far? It’s the first day since being back from NYC that both Alfie & I haven’t got to be anywhere so we’re having a slow but productive one! (My fave) I’ve also watched “Angus, Thongs & Perfect Snogging”, filmed two American haul videos & finished the edit for my very last New York vlog (going up in a bit). Not going to lie though, I’d love to still be wandering the streets of NY with a ridiculously big cookie dough cone in one hand & google maps in the other! 💗


I loved spending so much time with my Broceph last week! Usually we are both so busy that it’s few and far between or work related! ☺️


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