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This trumpetfish was seen during a #WaittExpedition near St Marten, recently devasted by the hurricanes of 2017. @RalphPace captured this great shot, which has become one of the photos featured in our offices in San Diego. Trumpetfish adopt this feeding position, vertical and head down, to hide as well.

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The combined effect of overfishing, climate change and pollution have significantly impacted fish catch in Tamil Nadu, India. Local fishermen here are working longer hours, catching fewer fish, and earning less profit. On assignment for @sea_legacy with @jennygnichols and @radharangarajan
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From our expedition in French Polynesia with @100islandchallenge
A school of surgeon fish swim along the reef at Takapoto Atoll. These reef fish are important players on the reef, eating seaweed that can compete with coral for space. How many species do you see? 📸 Brian Zgliczynski via #repost
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We get these datasets when we work on expedition with @100islandchallenge. Via #Repost and @scripps_ocean
This digitized coral reef was created using 3D photomosaic technology pioneered at Scripps and @UCSanDiego. Learn more about #coraltech at our #SXSW panel on Saturday, March 10 at 12:30 p.m. CST. Catch the livestream on our Facebook page! (Link in bio.) 🐟🐟🐟


We’re excited our partners @scripps_ocean @100islandchallenge at #SXSW2018 discussing how pictures can save the worlds coral reefs! Much of this science is done aboard @planb_yacht and part of our Waitt Foundation expeditions around the world. The panel also featured @coral_buff from @chasingcoral and @newyorktimes journalist @joannaklein! #sxsw #100islandchallenge #100islands #chasingcoral #drone #saveourseas #oceanoptimism


From our expedition near #Tahiti with @100islandchallenge
Collaborator James Kora from the #CookIslands, helps to setup the photomosaic survey area in #Tikehau, a #coral atoll in the Tuamotus.

Take a virtual dive on the 3D Model created of this reef: http://ow.ly/ZxBo30iie7C

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Creatures from Robinson Crusoe Island! This film short features the some of the creatures we saw during our expedition to the #JuanFernandezIslands last year with @natgeopristineseas. Aside from the super cool work we helped inform #Chile’s decision to create huge new Protected Areas in their ocean, close to half a million square miles!
Check this clip out and if you want more head over to the #WaittFoundationYouTube page.


This International Women’s Day we want to celebrate Amelia Earhart for her accmplishments.
1922 October 22, set women's altitude record of 14,000 feet
1923 May 25, received pilot's license
1928 June 17-18, became first woman to fly across the Atlantic as a passenger
1929 Was the first woman to make a solo round-trip flight across the United States
1930 Took third place in the first Women's Air Derby in her Lockheed Vega and set women's speed record of 181 miles per hour
1931 Set autogiro altitude record of 18,451 feet
1932 May 20-21, became the first woman to fly solo across the Atlantic
June 21, received the National Geographic Society's Special Gold Medal
August 24-25, set women's transcontinental speed record from Los Angeles, California to Newark, New Jersey
1933 July 7-8, broke her previous women's transcontinental speed record from Los Angeles, California to Newark, New Jersey
1935 January 11-12, became first person to fly solo from Honolulu, Hawaii to Oakland, California. April 19-20, became first person to fly solo from Los Angeles, California to Mexico City. May 8, became first person to fly solo from Mexico City to Newark, New Jersey
1937 Broke her previous women's transcontinental speed record from Oakland, California to Honolulu, Hawaii
Record flight around the world along the equator, before disappearing with her navigator after covering more than 22,000 miles (two-thirds of her total flight)


A few years back we hosted @NatGeoPristineSeas during our expedition the the Seychelles. This year the islands created huge protected areas with innovative debt swaps. #Victory! Enjoy the scenes in this #Repost from our ocean allies @enricsala and Pristine Seas. ・・・
Today, the island nation of Seychelles has made a historic move, announcing two new marine protected areas covering 210,000 sq km, including 74,400 sq km of ocean territory around the remote islands of the Aldabra Group. These waters are home to a diversity of life, from green sea turtles and large groupers to dugongs and blacktip reef sharks. This island nation is 99 percent ocean, and its people depend on a healthy marine ecosystem. These two marine protected areas represent the first phases of Seychelle's incredible goal to protect 410,000 sq km of its ocean for generations to come by 2022.
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What do you think when you see an urchin covered sea floor?

Another clip from our expedition the the Azores as we prepare for the next one this coming June. If you havent yet seen the entire film you can do so on our YouTube page at

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Amazing shot and text from our friend @manusanfelix_official via #Repost. This is me in front a beautiful female tiger shark. My very good friend @jim_abernethy took this pic of that unforgettable encounter. It was in April 2004 but I still remember the eye of the shark looking into my eyes and I saw intelligence in her gaze. I felt we had a kind of communication between both. I would like to understand what she was “saying”. I didn’t feel any threat or aggressiveness. Next week I fly to Florida to meet Jim, the best shark diver in the world. No one has the knowledge and the experience he has with thousands of days in the water with all kind of sharks. #canon #sharks #bahamas #tigershark


While we are attending Social Media Marketing Workd in San Siego the US Navy is moving one of their ships around the amazing, beautiful, natural San Diego Harbor. #USN #SanDiego #sandiegoharbor #navy #ship #tugboat #coronadobridge #coronado