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This fun book with silly pictures encourages kids imaginations. 5 ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ on Amazon! Share the ❤️and please leave a review!

I had the best time reading What's Making Walter C. Laugh? to Ms. C. and Ms. A's class 😊 Your class is awesome! Their enthusiasm was so much fun! I loved their super creative answers to the surprise ending, their amazing drawing s and and wow the books they were inspired to make! I can't wait to come back 😊📚❤️ Thank you very much! @juliedenberg


Which 2 of these animals are in What's Making Walter C. Laugh? Hint: one is riding a skateboard and one is cooking pancakes 😊 5 stars on Amazon - have fun reading 😊📚❤️


Me today. And probably the whole week.


Good night weekend. It's been fun. See you next time.


While kids are guessing the answer to this book they're giggling, their imaginations are soaring and they're having fun with the surprise activity at the end 😊😊 5 star rated What's Making Walter C. Laugh? available on Amazon


How cute is this milk carton bird feeder 😊




A big thank you to the_review_shrew for sharing What's Making Walter C. Laugh? "is the perfect book to add to your collection..." for kids who love to use their imaginations 🌟Find out why on her video review 😊📚❤️ Book available on Amazon


Throwing it back to Rubik's Cube. My confession - I've never played it. Please tell me I'm not the only one who never twisted and turned to the solution. 😊🙃 world record 4.59 seconds to solve


Encourage your kids' creativity with the surprise ending to What's Making Walter C. Laugh? DM me a photo of your child's answer - their drawing may be chosen to be a part of my next book!!! Color with crayons, paint with colors, play with play doh. Have fun, tag someone to join in and let's laugh together! 5 star rated on Amazon 😊📚❤️


I can't think of a better way to live happily ❤️


A big merci beaucoup to @my.twins.closet for her review of What's Making Walter C. Laugh? Her twins laughed with "kid level jokes and a glimpse of magic" Order your copy on Amazon and join the fun 😊📚❤️


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